• Speed 3x

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    • INTERNATIONAL account

      Hi everyone, nice to be able to annoy even English players.
      Since i made the terrible choice of coming back playing, i had some problems contacting my latest team and now i have to reassemble an account 24/7.
      Now that the forum is international, it's possible to meet players from every country in the world. (Mexicans, Germans, ...)
      Told this, i want to create an INTERNATIONAL account, made up of experienced players from every part of the world able to cover 24/7. (I was bored of nocturnals that upgrade a wheat field from 4 to 5 in six hours, aren't you?)
      So, here there are the prerequisites (spaghetti mamma mia ) :
      • Good skills in speaking english. We'll talk only english, so if you have the knowledge in english like a random italian person, it's not a good idea to come with us. (I know it's pretty a shallow to write this on an english forum, but since i'm copying and pastying it even on Mars, it's important to underline this)
      • Optimal time-slot coverage. It doesn't matter how much you cover, if 1 hour, 10 hours or 20 minutes, but 99% you'll be the ONLY person online in that specific hour and it's important to take care of the account.
      • Willingness to engage in dialogue. Every person of the group wasted his 10 years behind this addiction for Travian and every choice could be discussed, sometimes HAS to be discussed.
      • Excellent knowledge of the game. As i wrote, every person could be alone and in certain cases How To Basic's tutorials can't help you. It's crucial your indipendence and to be able to take the right decision in difficoult times. If you lack this excellence, then the point 3 it's way more important. No one born with experience, if there's something you're lacking about ask your mates.
      • Possibility to load golds sometime. We still didn't find any soccer player that doesn't know how to spend his money. So, since unity is strenght, 10 euro each month like homies could be enoguh to mantain the account.
      1 missing prerequisite is ok, 2 are not. If you lack english, or have some exception on hours coverage, we can fix it, someway.
      But the most important thing is the desire of playing. If there's some problem we fix it and dialogue as mature people do. If you get done with it, it's enough to say "I can't stand the rate in this period", or if you have some problem with a player inside the team, it's enough to tell it and everything is gonna be fixed.
      We'll start mainly speed server, but it's not a problem even x1.
      For any info, contact me in private (PM or conversation) and we'll talk about it in Whtasapp or Telegram or whatever you want to use.
      • Nice to write here, see you

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    • Lemon wrote:

      What on earth is this?

      Are you already playing on a server? Or do you plan to start on the next speed server? Or are you just straight up trolling?

      @Ethan is love <3
      Hi my dear lemon.

      As you can read above we are not playing any server, i'm building the team that will afterwards choice what server to play.
      I love ethan too. Ciao Ethan
    • Lemon wrote:

      il Domo wrote:

      As you can read above we are not playing any server, i'm building the team that will afterwards choice what server to play.
      Okay, I may be interested, whenever you know what server and when you decide to play, let me know :)
      Probably we'll go to play the, but if someone of the account disagrees, then we'll choose another server.
      At the moment everyone is ok with it (we're 3), but i'm not satisfied with the times (there's some hole that i worry about since we're gonna start a speed server).

      Do you wanna talk in private?

      TheGryph wrote:

      pm me for personal contact info
      Hi, do you have whatsapp?

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    • TheGryph wrote:

      what about skype??
      i do have whatsapp, nut i can't share my personal info on the internet!
      I know, many complains that W.A. could be too much personal.

      The problem is that everyone of us use whatsapp, and it's the only alternative we found until now.
      Skype is pretty laggy and we prefer to use something faster at the moment.

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