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    • El-lince wrote:

      ...oh Wow...great

      Can someone actually answer?
      As i remember, you should be able to do that.
      Try it by yourself with only 1 troop, i can't be certain about this since i tested it like 3 years ago.

      But is it worth it?

      Have a good day!

      And we'll love again
      And we'll laugh again
      We'll cry again
      And we'll dance again
    • El-lince wrote:

      ...oh Wow...great

      Can someone actually answer?
      Stupid question -> Stupid answer

      Yes you can farm deff points, as you can by raiding farms after pushing them, growing top rank by upgrading pointless buildings and so on.
      But your value as a player isn't determined by your medals.

      Think about it, then act accordingly.

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    • If you are going to kill your own troops, make sure you put them in an oasis first. If you run out of your own troops, nature provides relatively easy kills. If you build a decent amount of troops, you could push the boat out and go after some natars, not just in your farms but in small pointless artefacts that nobody wants like small confusion, hawk eyes or architects. After that, if you build a really big army, you could go for clearing a WW.

      Make sure you send your hero on all these attacks though, if you are going for a top attacking medal, you may as well go for a high ranking hero too!

      Other tips for upping your hero, especially towards endgame, watch the WW board for when Natars hit WWs and send your hero to reinforce, even if it's an enemy WW.

      Have fun topping the charts :)

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