Hello everybody!

    • Hello everybody!

      Hello everyone! I have returned back to Travian after a childhood friend recently mentioned this game to me and I had completely forgotten about it. I last played I think 11 years ago? 2006/2007 I think it was the first UK 3x speed server I was on but I can't remember fully as I was only 11 years old :( I tried to log into my old forum account but it seems everything is not as it was before, everything has changed :D . I have registered on the UK29 new years special server as chainsawdaz and I am not a very good player! I think when I played last there was 20+ thousand players on the server however now I look at the statistics and see only 2000 :( I like how everything has changed but at the same time I miss the old graphics, I miss the little people in the town and the hut in the clay pit and farm however the snow fall is very cool :thumbup: . My old travian name was 10danny and I am sure that on one of my very old computers I will have screenshots of the game from back then. I look forward to conversing with you all and maybe teaming up in the game! Peace :thumbsup: .
      UK20(1) - Infinity. COMTT(2018) - Mr Gaia.

      Skype: chainsawdaz
      Discord: Daniel#7855