A tale as old as time....the Monkey and the Beast

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    • A tale as old as time....the Monkey and the Beast

      Many in Carnage will be used to (read: dread) my long-winded MMs. I thought it may be a good idea to share Carnage's and my side of the story. This was my first Travian experience, but it is true what they say, it is an addicting game and will take over your life – would not recommend 2/10.

      The below is very long. I updated it throughout the server – and it is a mix of my MMs and some other notes I took down. For those that make it to the end, I salute you, kind sirs (and madams). In the very likely circumstance that I got things wrong, please feel free to comment or clarify with your thoughts.

      Most of the reports I archived myself, but I would like to thank dsv for those that I could not locate. He has been infinitely more diligent than me in keeping records, and if you have any questions I think he has kept all the reports.

      I decided to split the below into chapters, chronologically, in an effort to make it easier to digest. I was not intending to compete for the longest forum post, and for that I apologise unreservedly in advance. Believe it or not, this is actually the consolidated version.

      Chapter 1: Finding my (Snake) Feet

      On a day I was bored at work, and not really appreciating server start times, this server started for me two weeks late. I actually made many mistakes as a beginner, some of which I can share here:

      • Thinking I would only have one village until the end of the server.
      • Building a level 15 stonemason in my spawn before realising what's going on.
      • Not using Gold for the first 3 months and searching manually for croppers by clicking fields randomly.
      • Being ecstatic, after an hour, to find a random 7-cropper with absolutely no strategic value, then posting it on our cropper forum and having leaders message me confused (after I had already sent my settlers).
      • Settling my second village on day 47.
      • Adding our WW to my farm list (after I got Gold) and losing many Haeduans.
      • Offering to help lower loyalty of our WW and sending chiefs when I had no CP.
      • Many, many more.
      I joined a small alliance, GSE. We were pretty spread out, but at this point I didn't know about Getters and had no way of checking where anyone was. Eventually, a few Carnage players started raiding me. I didn't have evade. So I tried in vain to fight them. I dodged attacks manually but wanted them to know that I was constantly producing troops, so always left a few.

      Kazza (from Carnage) kept coming relentlessly. I protected my resources and defended as best I could. I lost troops each time, but ensured that Kazza lost some too and never got resources. Eventually, she gave up. A few others sent one-off raids but I was able to defend them.

      Chapter 2: The Bedrock of Bedlam

      Realising that GSE could not protect me, and that I was stuck in between a number of major Carnage numbers, I scouted a few of them and settled for Silence – who had 2 settlers, and went in for the kill. Silence moved them in time, but messaged me. A few messages later I got an alliance invitation from Carnage. There I got much better guidance, started growing my account, and finally understanding how the game worked. And that is really where the story starts for me.

      At this point, as dsv helpfully pointed out in his [UK round 9 I suppose] forum, MM and UMM (their secondary wing which later changed names to MM!!) had a few more players than CarnageN and CarnageS. There wasn't much warring between the two alliances. Carnage were busy clearing their quadrant. We planned an offensive against FMUP, and within the period of a few days dismantled a few problematic accounts, with the rest of FMUP either joining us or deleting. We then took on FAT in the South. The skirmish lasted a few days. Once Secret deleted his account FAT disbanded very quickly. At this point Carnage had a relatively strong foothold in the south, and CarnageN had been able to clear the majority of the north-east quadrant.

      The future was bright, the Skype room bursting and bubbling, and our quest for global server domination was being hatched. We were a smaller and newer alliance than MM, but we could take them on.

      But the full war had not yet started – MM and Carnage were preparing for artes.

      Chapter 3: Of Artes, dreams and shiny things

      8 October 2017 05.00AM. Artefacts were released on the server. I didn't participate in capturing any, but was teed up to send standing to help out in artefact defense for a unique trainer. This was where I started chatting to SomeTolerance, who became a very important advisory figure for me and my go-to for Travian help for any hour of the day. We then scouted a few MM hammers, and, aside from the fact that they had a lot of hammers, at that point they didn't seem to have very big ones.

      We had a notorious incident with a player I can refer to as P. As I understand, P had agreed with a friend (who was not from MM) to capture a unique artefact and a small trainer. He ended up getting the unique diet himself, and messing up others who launched to clear various artefacts. There was a massive altercation between leadership and P on Skype (I had no idea, as at this point I didn't even have a treasury or really understand how the artefact capture process worked), and eventually P got kicked. He then asked MM for defensive help. Locke Lamora tried to get the artefact – and managed to break through the defense, but the player had already given the artefact to Wrank. First artefact loss to MM, and a very big one.

      Then we started exchanging blows. Accurate organised a few hits on MM in the north. Locke Lamora went on solo runs, running through Wraith multiple times (snag.gy/JPrLhX.jpg) and stealing artefacts (snag.gy/JPrLhX.jpg). He was sending his hammer out every few days and wreaking havoc without much resistance. He stole AxeEd's diet and MattTheSmallKid's trainer. MM defended their bigger players relatively well, likely resulting from standing defense or personal defenders, but seemed uncoordinated with their smaller players and rarely defended their secondary wing, so we were able to run through their villages without needing much fake cover.


      Then Fragie got bored and threw her hammer at dsv. We expected resistance, as we were going for dsv's capital, which held the great diet. And like Aragorn at the Black Gate of Mordor, Fragie went in full guns blazing. Couple of long hours of waiting, a panicky few minutes right before the hit, and then the reports started coming in. Fragie had beaten the grim reaper.


      Orangearrow then organised a run on Finger's small diet. We had a deleting player who threw his hammer, and I was sitter-running an account so sent a hammer-raid. We captured the small diet.


      Meanwhile, MM stopped scouting and started sending some attacks blinds. They had started growing confident, and in their zeal had underestimated our ability to dig deep to defend. Centurion wiped out unnecessarily (granted at a high price for our own defensive troops) on a wall that had always been there, on a village we did not even bother deff calling because, knowing Centurion's hammer size, we thought would be fake.


      MM had played together before. They were bigger, stronger. But the young beast called Carnage marched on. And MM started hitting, so Carnage hit back. And MM built hammers, so Carnage built walls. The goliath levelled many buildings and crops, but each time David got up from the rubble and punched, above his weight, to keep the pressure up. And each time Carnage fell, Carnage got right back into it. At least for a while.

      Chapter 4: Bleeding

      At around the end of October / beginning of November, the name "carnage" suddenly seemed like a very fitting nomenclature. A huge exodus of players deleted. We had around 120 players at artefact release. Around 50 players deleted in the next few weeks, with another 30 deleting over the next month. The leadership team unfortunately also resigned, as a result of real life issues. However, there were also numerous people who got bored and deleted. I sat two large accounts, Karen and BowPlebs. Both had to delete around late October and I sitter-ran until I got locked out. We asked players who were deleting if we could sitter-run them. Some said yes. Some didn't reply and deleted.

      Carnage was haermorrhaging and that led to more people deleting. Accurate and Locke Lamora stepped up to help out the leadership in the north. In the south, we were left with Malicious for a while, and then no one when he also had to delete. Wordsworth volunteered at first and then asked me to join him in leadership. Once I figured out how to use Getters and send MMs, we started trying to coordinate defenses.

      There were many players that came through for us then. Most notably, defensively speaking, was probably Rancher. Being at the south-west border, Rancher got attacked for weeks on end. His capital was decimated, his villages near zeroed. I IGMed him frequently to ask if he needed troops. He didn't want to ask the alliance for troops as he didn't feel he had the necessary infrastructure. At one point, to stop alliance troop and res loss, he offered to resign from the alliance and continue fighting on his own, rather than be kicked – in return asking merely that we do not raid him. His request was politely declined, I told him that if he was willing to fight, the only way he would be kicked from the alliance would be over my dead body. We do not leave troopers behind; that is not the Carnage way. So a couple of us fed resources and small amounts of troops. I sent him scouts for all his villages so he could anticipate incomings. Many thought he would delete. But he did it, when the dust had settled and MM gave up on him, Rancher stood tall. He defended, rebuilt, and after a few weeks was playing again, sending troops to the alliance on deff calls, giving res push to other people, and contributing once more to the alliance. At the end of the day, Rancher came through as a top team player and someone with the grit and perseverance to recover, rebuild, and stay in the game. It was players like him that Carnage needed, and players like him that Carnage used to bring the fight to MM.

      Meanwhile, our border players started getting attacked. JammyDodger and CaNoN FoDDeR got attacked relentlessly over a period of days. We defended them as best we could, but unfortunately MM overpowered us. To put even further pressure on us, after we had deff called elsewhere, BlueSun and dsv captured Karen's great diet in the early hours. We had foolishly seen that BlueSun had an artefact and not bothered defending, only for dsv to time a Hero run last minute:


      Numerous players who deleted did so with artefacts. We had to get them back from the Natars. However, we couldn't find enough players that wanted artefacts, as most of the players were not active or involved enough to want or be able to defend it, so we had to store them with players we knew could defend them. Zirzinc, our defensive Roman, held onto Mal's great boots as they gathered dust. We couldn't find any takers for the great storage so lost that. We couldn't find any takers for unique boots so lost that too. We had 3/5 great trainers, none of the great diets, 2/5 of the great titan boots and 1 of the great architect's secret. I picked up eagle eyes and sent my scouts on daily quests. I also sent numerous 1-cata fakes targetting workshop, great barracks and great stable to figure out where people were building hammers, and eventually with some help from other scouters mapped out who was doing what in MM's top wing for WWk and WWr purposes. And, like a fool, the only player that slipped beneath my radar was the one right in front of me. Dsv, the WW holder, the WW clearer, the plan clearer, and not too high on the raiding charts. I scouted his capital, thinking he had already lost his main hammer (which he had) but completely missed out his non-cap rammer that later grew to be the biggest rammer on the server.

      Dsv's non-cap rammer: j.mp/2ERhMC9

      Most other players I scouted kept their hammers in their villages, with very few using oases. Those that used oases either had no scouts or not enough to detect so luckily we were able to calculate relative hammer sizes.

      Defensively, meanwhile, we hadn't stopped a single decent hammer and were getting desperate.

      And then came our wake up call. Medusa, Centurion and CAPS LOCK sent a 12-wave hit on Karen's capital. At this point Karen was no longer playing and in the deletion stage, so I did not deff call. I sent her hammer out to raid nearby MM oases. The MM hits went through and Karen's capital was nearly zeroed, surviving with a population of 68. Her hammer managed to feed itself. We scrambled. We needed to keep Karen alive, if even as cannon fodder and a puppet to inspire the rest of the alliance that she was still fighting. I pushed forward with rebuilding her capital and prepping her other villas for attacks. People sent small amounts of defense to cover fakes. CAPS LOCK kept coming back, every night, for a period of 2-3 weeks, hitting a different village each time. We considered trying to trap his hammer, but I decided not to. CAPS LOCK's hammer was small. I wanted MM to think that Karen was much weaker and induce them to send more hammers at her. At this point her villas were not producing enough res. I sent a platoon of swordsmen and phalanx and spread them around her villas to make CAPS LOCK think she was producing troops. At one point rcap wanted to chief one of her villages, which we thought CAPS LOCK would likely hit next. In an effort to divert him, I split up and sent three settlers to the three next biggest villages, hoping that CAPS LOCK's 4AM scouts would see it and be tempted to settler-kill. He did, I managed to get my settlers out before the land time, rcap chiefed his intended village that day, and I cursed myself for the entire 20-hour settler journey home.

      And then came the cabana – MM launched a few opportunistic hammers at Karen. I privately liaised with rcap and zirzinc, and we trapped The Bruce and Llamatron, and clipped Woodsy.




      CAPS LOCK must have figured out what was going on with Karen. He switched tactics and launched at Carnage. But by now Karen had done her job. Carnage had recuperated, the troops were ready, and our defensive plan was starting to work. I noted his Hero gear, and when I saw he changed it I dismissed the fakes, the alliance sent some troops at a very short notice, and we walled his hammer.


      We then got a bit of hope as we were able to stop a few smaller hammers. PLO, Fitarco, Fororn and Pazel all sent what I presume must have been individual strikes with very obvious cover, and we were able to wall them too.

      But we didn't stop everything. And we didn't have enough troops. Rcap, zirzinc and I lost 20-30k troops after each attack. Even in the instances where we saw and prepared for real attacks, we didn't have the necessary troops to wall a hammer clean. We got wiped out and had to rebuild. So we just kept pumping and asking the alliance to pump too. I asked zirzinc to build tournament squares so that I could rely on him for deff calls – he did. I asked zirzinc to have at least 100+ queues of Praetorians in the majority of his villages. He did. Rcap pumped deff in all his central villages and scattered them across for our deff calls. But the bigger MM hammers still usually went through. Medusa, Wraith, dsv and Mostly Harmless.

      And then came Wrank. We deff called. He steamrolled:


      We were really struggling with troop numbers. MM were bigger than us and if they had sent a few choice scouts they could have devastated us with a few more strategic hits, which would have resulted in more deleted accounts. But thankfully, except on one ocassion, it was a case of 3-4 fakes and a 3-4 wave hit on a capital. We couldn't deff all hits, but as the damage MM were doing was not super-critical, we made the difficult decision of having to pick which players to defend, and sometimes had to let reals go through on players we knew would be able to rebuild fastest. Rcap, worzel and emad1 took the brunt of this strategy. I started raiding MM's occupied oases hoping for a retaliation against me and a distraction from the other Carnage players, but nothing came.

      emad1: j.mp/2l52EVQ, j.mp/2kP2tP9,

      Worzel: j.mp/2kSrqJm, j.mp/2kQk60Y, j.mp/2kRypCm

      Then, at the beginning of November, MM merged with RBG. RBG was a relatively big alliance, and had more members than our smaller wing (albeit less than the total Carnage players). At this point MM were the top alliance, Carnage in second, and RBG in third. We were already struggling with MM so, other than a few hits, had not warred with RBG previously and were considering entering into some form of arrangement.

      Merging MM and RBG meant that the odds were stacked greatly against us. Now facing an alliance that was double our size, with a population and villages of more than double what we had, the hussle had gotten real. Unfortunately the odds seemed too great for a lot of people. A few people deleted (from both sides), and a few of our hammers suicided and deleted. There was a shortlived rebellion by a few RBG players but it did not amount to much. Most of the RBG players were happy to join MM at the start, but quite a few of them ended up deleting within a 2-month period, and for much of the later part of the server the NW went quiet. I still wonder what would have been had they, instead of joining MM joined forces with us. We would have had two relatively equal alliances, albeit Carnage would then be spread thin across three quadrants. I think the mid and end games would have been much more interesting that way, and more would likely have happened.

      Chapter 5: Operation Viper

      At around day 130 I started noticing a few odd things. On two occassions, MM launched a number of fakes. An hour after we deff called, a bunch of new attacks were launched. All real attacks were launched after our deff call. It was either (i) a coincidence, (ii) MM were launching fakes at the beginning and following on with reals, or (iii) there was a spy. All three were equally likely at the beginning, although (ii) became more and more unlikely. Eventually we ruled out a coincidence as well. I had assumed that the spy was in CarnageS and relayed our deff calls to MM. We therefore discussed deff calls in our Skype leadership room, and issued deff calls as late as possible. This meant that we compromised on the number of troops that could get there in time, but meant that the spying could be stopped. I made sure our big Roman defenders had reliable sitters, so we could send troops before deff calls went out.

      There was then one night I remember very well. After analysing our hits I suggested that we should defend Rancher against gellewza and emad1 against Mostly Harmless. I proposed to send a 50/50 deff call as soon as I woke up, subject to any other incoming waves being reported overnight. After I woke up, I saw that Centurion had launched an obvious fake at one of the leaders, and that leader had panicked and asked for all defensive troops to be sent to them. This messed up both Rancher and emad1's defense. Both were reals. At this point coincidence went out the window. Let's call this leader the Rat.

      I did some further investigations. The Rat had 4 villages in the far west territory (on the outskirts of MM). Those had not been touched by reals or fakes. The first of those villages had been settled around artefact release time, which I figured was the time he started spying on us.

      And then came the icing on the cake. My scout villa got scouted by MM's scout, Fororn. He had already given up his eagle eyes artefact to another, which was surprising. He then suicided what little troops he had on my capital (including defensive units and a senator). It was clear he was deleting (Converter - Battle reports Travian). I discussed with leadership to watch out for any remaining suicides he may have had, although doubted he had any left. The next day, the Rat strikes at Fororn, claiming it was a victory. He hits him with a single wave and destroys a stable and a town hall (of all things). At this point I knew what we were up against.

      I was so close to getting to the bottom of the story, but before I'd had a chance to relay to the rest of the leadership, the Rat had some sort of falling out with MM and then was alerted to a real attack. He deff called. I was asleep so didn't get my troops there in time, but the alliance did.


      The Rat had been actively sabotaging our deff calls when he knew that we would deff call a real, hoarding standing troops by claiming it was to protect his artefacts, and using his hammer to hit deleting players under the guise of sneaking one past MM. As a leader, he had access to Getters and relayed some information on there as well. This wasn't just a case of MM getting insider information, it was numerous instances where we could have defended but failed to do so, where people's capitals got hit, where troops died unnecessarily, and where's players' faith in their leaders was undermined. And I cursed myself for not having spotted it earlier.

      Fearing more spies, I covertly set out a spreadsheet and contacted only those people I trusted. I knew he had standing in his artefact villages so had to ensure that these were removed between launch of waves and landing times. Some people wouldn't log in during that time, so I offered them compensation for lost troops (some were indeed caugh in the cross-fire, although nobody asked for res). Operation Viper (kills the Rat) started at 05.30AM, where I kicked the Rat from the alliance and instructed the launch of all the waves. My capital was 3 squares from his capital and an obvious target, so I expected a hammer suicide and packed it in. Within the next 8 hours the Rat's account was dismantled. Accurate covered our strikes by organising an offensive against MM, just in case he asked for help.

      It was a huge shock to the alliance, of course, particularly as this has been promulgated at the leadership level. This had significantly weakened Carnage for a period of weeks, even months, at the most crucial stage of the mid-game. With MM potentially knowing where we were hitting and where we were deffing, the fact that more hits didn't go through was surprising. But then I realised that the majority of defense we put together successufully in the south was done privately between rcap, zirzinc and myself and a few nearby players depending on the hit. It was also problematic on another scale. People stopped updating Getters and I had a few players IGM me asking me if I trusted their sitter. For me it was a much more personal loss too – our capitals were 3 squares away from each other (because I was an ultimate noob and settled next to him without asking). Many a deff call had happened when I had fed his hammer, or he had sent me crop to provide for standing, and when we had cooperated closely to defend against attacks. In different time zones, we had arrangements in place to feed each other's troops just in case the other person was not online, and I kept my oasis free for emergency raiding.

      However, we had acted decisively, and deep down I knew that the Rat's swift dismissal from our quadrant was, at least, a moral victory to most. He continued building his villages in western MM territory, we did not touch him there. If he wanted to continue playing with MM, that was their and his prerogative. I kept my eye on him, and noticed when he started rebuilding. He had initially asked for a chance of redemption, but ultimately sent a bunch of fakes to our plan villages and sent a small hammer at our WW after MM's hits took us out.

      Chapter 6: Hello? It's me. Carnage.

      After Operation Viper, Carnage started making a recovery. Accurate organised some offensive operations against MM's second wing. As before, these attacks were not well defended. We sent 8 attacks one day, 7 went through. Two days later we sent another 7, with all going through.

      After a few more deletions we merged into one alliance. We could finally see all the reports, and communication became much easier. We stayed a 60-player alliance for a bit but then fell to a 45-player one for end game with around 15-20 active players.

      On day 165, I started scouting the MM World Wonder site on a daily basis. On day 171, dsv cleared it and chiefed the WW. MM then began on their infrastructure.

      Yet another noob mistake. I Skyped SomeTolerance and found out that you indeed can, and should, chief your WW before day 200. Oh well, I messaged around, scouted our WW, put together a task force and organised a hit. I asked 5 people, letting them know that they may lose their entire hammers. All stepped forward for the task. Rcap volunteered to chief the WW and to sit it. Unfortunately the Christmas truce period came upon us and delayed us. In the end, Carnage chiefed our WW on day 180. We were 9 days behind, and had to scramble.

      Kezz and Murphy clear the Carnage WW: j.mp/2lkxhqb

      Although I knew we were unlikely to have enough hammers, I sent a bunch of 1-cata waves at MM's support villages to see which ones had trade office. If we had hammers to spare later, we could take them out. As it turned out, although we didn't have proper hammers, we were still able to target them.

      As Day 200 drew nearer, MM sent a few waves. I had thought they were trying to take our architect's secret artefact. Instead, Flower switched out his own architect's 5x unique and took Accurate's unique trainer. The attack was well planned. Covered by an inordinate number of fakes, which had us scrambling to find where he was going. In the end, we didn't even deff Accurate's unique, instead opting to deff elsewhere. Accurate had RL issues at this stage and therefore wasn't able to come online, and Flower's non-cap hammer took the artefact.


      Then Wraith launched at Waylander. We knew his hammer size and didn't need to deff call him. Wraith lost his hammer, and deleted shortly after.


      I thought MM would try something else on Day 200 while we were going to seek construction plans. I set up a 12-hour window during which I timed we would capture our 4 plans. During this time I asked for a barrage of fakes on a number of targets who I knew would take no chances. Centurion lost over 1,200 scouts trying to identify which hits on him were real. I instead opted to hit MM's second wing, which they had thus far never defended. We arranged for 3 reals – all went through, one managed to steal a small storage artefact which we whisked to our WW support villages.

      We managed to capture all our 4 construction plans ahead of MM.

      Armed with plans and great architect x 3, we were ready to start with the WW before MM. Rcap suggested starting the WW, despite us not being ready with the infrastructure. We didn't have enough warehouses and only granary capacity for 500k (which remained the case for the duration of the server), but decided that starting the WW first would be sending a good message both to MM and Carnage. We would then layer the infrastructure upgrades as we went. And so Carnage did what Carnage does best, blast ahead. We started our WW 3 hours before MM.

      MM had the unique architect (x5) and were soon hot on our trail. We layered our final two levels of great warehouse, and thus fell behind MM a few days later, but the race was neck to neck. Our defense was looking good, but we had another looming problem, the lack of any substantial WWk or WWr. I had been IGM-ing a few people, and had asked a couple to make impromptu hammers or rammers, but none would be big enough. So we would have to improvise and take the kitchen sink approach. But so what? We were Carnage, that's what we did.

      Accurate unfortunately had to give away his account around Day 200. I asked Alex if he could take it and build two hammers, and he (reluctantly, I think, knowing how annoying I'd be) agreed. He worked tirelessly, switching around his small trainer every 24 hours and queueing troops. I asked deviant to train rams 24/7. Eventually we would need a second rammer so we picked WillEye. I asked Alex to sit WillEye and to train the rammer, so he now had a third village to rotate the small trainer to. Waylander was a defensive player, but had some Haeduans and some siege, so we asked him to train more catas too. Around day 160 I started talking to the AP alliance who were in the far north-east of the quadrant. They were a 3-player alliance and agreed to help. Fearing more spies, I opted to keep them as a separate alliance rather than asking them to join Carnage or putting them into Confed/NAP, and kept our cooperation quiet.

      Chapter 7: The Last Stand

      After Day 200, we were around 50 players left, with around 8 players being sitter-run and on delete. I asked people to set up trade routes for inactive accounts they sat, and then organised certain villages to be raided so that resources could be pushed to the WW.

      For the first 50 levels of the WW, some blows were exchanged. We faked. MM faked. We had a number of small hammers which I knew wouldn't touch the WW, so we started using them. Although MM nominally held the north-west quadrant, it was in form and not in substance. The majority of players there were ex-RBG players and the majority of them had already deleted. Although I knew they would likely be undefended, it would be an empty victory. We had to start hitting the top wing.

      Below map on Day 220.

      Meanwhile MM started throwing some of their smaller hammers too, mostly at non-strategic villages. I considered whether it made sense to wall some of these. We obviously prioritised our defense on the WW, some hammer capitals and artefacts, but even then we were stretched. As painful as it was, I thought the best way to proceed was to defend fakes with as little troops as possible, cut waves were possible, and rebuild where reals went through. This meant that MM would lose a few troops as they went. Their hammers would continue to be rebuilt from small losses, and crop that would otherwise be going to their WW would instead be feeding a hammer doing minimal critical damage to us. This would also delay as long as possible any smaller MM players losing their hammers and going deff which, considering our severe lack of WWr/WWk, was not in our interest. But it was a painful plan. MM had 40-50 hammers, we had 5. Players got hit, we res-pushed, I yet again tried raiding MM's occupied oasis for a distraction from the other players but still nothing serious came.

      At the same time I was growing aware of MM's World Wonder hammer and wanted to minimise them. No matter which way I cut it on the combat simulator, they were going to do damage. I figured more people would want to prioritise cats over rams, and wanted to target MM's rammers. We found what I believed to be their top 3 – Flower, Hellcat and Gellewza. I then lined up an offensive. Bloodeagle wanted to suicide his troops so I picked a deff player I knew would defend, hoping to kill his troops outside the WW. Meanwhile Blitzkrieg and Speedy ran through Gellewza's capital. The third hammer didn't launch, and that would have targeted the GG / granaries. But a good hit nevertheless, and we caught 13k Axe and 3kTKs at home.



      I tried to find Hellcat's rams, and found a few, but he was too far to cat and didn't cluster them together where we could hunt them.

      I then started scouting Flower's oases, hoping to find his rammer. He was too far for a cat hit so it would have to be a ghosting exercise. By pure luck, we found an unscouted and undefended oasis with his rams, and I asked Waylander to set an alarm and ghost it overnight. He managed to kill of 6k rams, 2.7k catas and 18k TKs.


      This ended up being a very strategic hit. Ultimately, Flower's 300k hammer only ended up lowering a rally point from level 20 to 12, rather than doing damage to our wall.


      Then we had a major setback. Medusa raided part of deviant's rammer which he left in the oases. Thankfully it was just a raid. But it was our only rammer and Medusa did significant damage.


      I wanted to see what we were up against. I noticed that MM were not staggering their build times, so launched a few fakes and had 2 fakes land right before the level 85 Natar hit and two right after. This would heopfully give a good indication at the type of troops that MM would have in there. I landed my scouts immediately after the Natar hits, and saw that MM had a lot less defense than we did.


      MM were sending fakes every day. However, we noted them all and noticed which ones were randomly timed, and did not deff call. Our average standing pattern in the WW was around 1.4m, which we could get up to around 1.8 with around 12-15 hours notice. The 500k granary capacity made it a difficult to keep the 1.8m there for prolonged periods of time, however, as it meant we ran out of wheat in less than 20 minutes.

      MM did not time their hit with Natars, thankfully. I saw Gellewza, their main rammer, launch. He had no boots and had a long distance to travel, so I waited a few hours to check whether it was a fake. A few refreshes later, Nero, BlueSun, Si-Tron and Wrank (all known WWks) launched attacks within a 2-hour period. Once I finished having my stroke and picked myself up from the ground, I deff called. I thought two of the WWks would be real, the other two fake. We braced for impact, got defense up to 1.7m. But it was a heavy hit. MM stole our architect's secret a few minutes before the hit, Gellewza levelled our wall and all 4 hammers were real.

      Gellewza (Rammer): j.mp/2EpTJuo

      Nero (2 x GW): j.mp/2EpsQH5

      BlueSun (1 x GW): j.mp/2EnMhjI

      Si-Tron (1 x GW): j.mp/2EpsfFl

      Wrank (WW level 86-50): j.mp/2Em2eGT

      The damage was bad but we coped much better than I thought. BlueSun and Si-Tron, who both had large and unique eyes for the entire game, respectively, only managed to bring down 1 great warehouse each, and Wrank did not fully level the WW. Even after all five of their attacks our defensive troop numbers were not disclosed. But without a single great warehouse left, we were pushed back by more than a week.

      Then it was our turn. I ran numerous combat simulations based on their defense and our known hammers. Our hammers weren't big enough, and most would not even touch their WW. Taking the unique architect's secret would be difficult, and very predictable. But it absolutely was our only way. I lined up fakes to their hammers, hoping that they would protect them. I then lined up a few small hammers to hit the architect's secret, two rammers to hit the WW before the Natars, and a hammer to hit after. Unfortunately, two of the hammers didn't launch in time. The architect's secret was not taken. Our rammers took off 1 level off the wall and 2 levels off the WW. Our hammer brought their WW from 90 to 83. We had expended the majority of our offense and were still considerably behind. We had also lost our biggest rammer.

      Hit on 5x architect's secret: j.mp/2ElaW8k

      Deviant WWr: j.mp/2EjnXzg

      Waylander hammer: j.mp/2BW2afC

      Spyk3 hammer: j.mp/2ENrvqA

      At this point it was pretty clear that we were not going to win. We had very few hammers left, and had already lost our biggest with the first run. But the players were ready to continue fighting, and so was I. We grouped what little we had, I asked a few people to upgrade rally points so they could target, some more to build a few cats, some more to build a few basic attacking infantry. I then scouted the 45 largest support villas around the MM WW, and sent the smaller players at them to take out infrastructure and stop trade routes. We didn't have enough hammers this time round, so all we could do was convincingly fake the unique 5x secret, and hit their support villas 6 hours before our WW hit. The hits all went through, we found a bunch of deff. There was a decrease in the number of troops in the WW (either through starvation or through the removal of troops). Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. Our rammer didn't go through – so our hammers struggled, although we managed to take off 3 levels.

      We then waited for MM's second and final wave. We packed our deff in the WW and our architect's secret. MM started hitting and chiefing a bunch of empty villas – we ignored that. I was ready to move my capital if they tried to chief one of my significant deff villas, as I would lose considerable troops in the WW, but they chiefed support villas and hammer villas once the hammer was already gone, so we didn't need to coordinate too much. They hit a number of our marketplaces, but their WW hits came 2-3 days later so we were able to rebuild our trade routes and ensure troops would not starve. I arranged for raiding from central villages to ensure that resources were fed to villas with the largest trade office capacity, and then using our commerce bonus we were able to get a significant amount of wheat to our WW to prevent starvation. And then came the hits.

      MM threw everything at us. They took our 3x architect's secret before the first rammer. For the below table I've only included the hammers with more than 15k, although we had a huge number of smaller hammers come in after our troops were gone to destroy more buildings:

      MM's Second Round of Hits on Carnage WW:

      Crop Total
      Damage (excluding troop loss)
      No damage
      No damage
      Palisde (20 – 18); WW (69-56)
      The Bruce
      No damage
      Mostly Harmless
      No damage
      Narwhal (Lost alliance)
      WW (56-52)
      No damage
      No damage
      No damage
      No damage
      Rally Point (20 – 2)
      Palisade (20 – 19)

      3 x Artefact Loss
      dsv (rammer)
      Palisade (destroyed)
      Hellcat (rammer)
      GW destroyed
      No damage
      WW (53 – 11)
      WW (11-5)
      WW destroyed
      GG (20 – 14)
      GW destroyed
      Granary (20 - 14), Warehouse (17 - 9)
      GW (10 – 8)
      Iron Mine destroyed
      Iron Mine and GW destroyed
      Main Building (20 – 14)
      Great Granary destroyed
      Rally Point destroyed

      Troops zeroed
      Mostly Harmless
      Great Granary and Granary destroyed
      Clay Pit and Cropland destroyed
      Marketplace and Woodcutter destroyed
      Residence and Cropland destroyed
      Cropland destroyed

      MM (+ allies) Hits in Chronological Order (Wave 2)

      Artefact 3x loss

      Troops zeroed

      We got hit with 32 waves (and, together with the smaller waves, around 48 in total). Our troops held on until the 27th major wave, and then the incoming hammers didn't meet much standing (only trickles of defense arriving here and there). Had the hits been timed closer together and all after the rammer, our WW could have gotten chiefed or destroyed easily. But we found time. Rcap and I scrambled, when the WW's loyalty started going down. I sent parcels of res from my NPC support villa to arrive a second after each wave so we didn't lose it, and then had to rebuild the residence twice to save our WW from getting chiefed. Most people were targetting randomly, so we picked the buildings which took the least time to prevent the WW from being zeroed. To stop res loss, we built a barracks and queued a bunch of Phalanx (a few came out and honourably defended!). MM had not targetted the Main Building to be fully destroyed, so we were able to build quickly enough. We even propped up a Trapper, an Embassy and a Hero's Mansion.

      At 00:11AM on 21 February, 2017, Carnage lost the server. It was a bittersweet ending. It was a server we should have lost on day 150, then again on day 170, then again on day 200. But we powered through, we punched back, we supported each other, we helped where we could, we made sacrifices for each other, we commiserated together when one of us got hit, we laughed, shared reports and congratulated each other when one of us got a win, and praised people's efforts when they didn't. And that is perhaps why the Rat's betrayal hit and impacted us so dearly – and it wasn't so much anger that came out of it as there was sadness, that we didn't come together and that we didn't do enough to make someone feel at home at Carnage.

      And when I sent an MM to the alliance to ask for something, I knew I could expect it and still have people asking how else they could help. And, somehow, being the underdogs for the vast majority of the server brought us closer together. I am proud to have played and lost with Carnage, and I wouldn't trade it even for a win.

      Acknowledgments and Thanks

      There are too many people to thank for this server.

      Thank you to ChrisN82 and White Rhino, who first invited me to Carnage when I was but a deer in the headlights.

      Thank you to Deval_6, my friend from the early days of GSE. Fate tore us apart and put us in different alliances but we never lost our humour about it.

      Thank you to MM for playing this server with us. You were organised, diligent, and a worthy opponent. Unfortunately on this server we were not fully up to scratch, but I hope we put up a good fight. Thank you also to Medusa for reaching beyond the game to help organise a cross-alliance and cross-server revolt against the gold price increase, and for your many insights into your Travian experiences and MM's style of play.

      Thank you to Locke Lamora for keeping the game interesting, for wielding your hammer at monkeys and causing carnage. I pity the fool who comes up against you in subsequent servers and sincerely hope that it is not me. Veni, vidi, vici! Locke came. Locke saw. Locke conquered.

      Thank you to Accurate, in my opinion probably the best player on this server, for picking up the pieces of Carnage and keeping us together, and for organising numerous offensive operations and keeping us in the game against MM. We would not have made it as far as we did without you. And thank you for guiding me and teaching me how to lead.

      Thank you to my trusted team from CarnageS, emad1, Wordsworth, blitzkrieg, zirzinc and rcap – who I relied on and who always, always, always came through when I needed them most.

      Thank you to SomeTolerance (Alex, who in turn asked Lucky for the answers, so both of them deserve recognition). He has been an excellent mentor and has guided me throughout this entire server. Countless of IGMs with questions, screenshots over Skype and questions on tactics and what to do, asking him to check my maths when calculating Natar hits, frantic messages in the middle of the night or a few hours before (and during) his exams. But he always responded, and I'm pretty sure has not failed his exams. Thank you Alex…and Lucky.

      And lastly, thank you to Carnage. There were many players who contributed throughout this server. Many had to leave due to real life issues or otherwise. But I would like to especially thank those courageous players that stayed until the end. You have shown what to me are the most important qualities in this game; loyalty, perseverance, and teamwork.

      When I asked for troops – you gave me troops.

      When I asked for res – you gave me res.

      When I asked for fakes – you gave me fakes.

      And most importantly, when I asked for that one final push (not once but twice) – you gave it your all.

      It would be my honour and privilege to play with each and every one of you again, and you have the utmost respect that this Snake can give.

      Till we meet again.


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    • An excellent summary of events!

      It is very interesting to read about this from your perspective.

      Also, my biggest regret for the server is taking RBG. Muffin, I am so happy you were on our side, your defence was key! But psychologically I think the move was too powerful. The benefit we gained from hitting the moral in carnage far exceeded the actual benefit of the amazing players we took in.

      Reversed, Had RBG gone to Carnage the moral boost there, and the adrenaline of a new danger here would have made for a far more exciting server.

      Still happy to have got to know the ones who stayed. But I agree, the server would have been very different.
    • nice way to present things daegon . just some addons :

      related to FAT - u got coco from there , who played a very nice server in my opinion { had a ww army and a lot of def } and also u lost a lot of troops on secret and provided me some info aswell :)

      about those fakes u talked about - targetting gb and gs to see non cap hammers ... i have a pb there : i thought u wanted to do that too , but u targeted treasury on very many occasions ?!?

      about the attacks u organized as ally , in my opinion 3 were the most important ones : the one on the former rbg players right after the merge { actually if i know correctly that was ur first wave of attacks } , the one on gellewza that could have done us more harm if he wasnt such an active player , and the one on the unique - here we actually had a little panic and i stayed up until rcap;s attack thinking he was gonna collect .

      about AP , i knew they would make ww armies - i was curios who would they hit , us or u :)

      wraith - sry , my bad .

      related to the merge with rbg , i have to say again : when mm!! merged with rbg they both had aproximately 30 players in each - so before the merge we still had less players than carnage { n was almolst full and s had around 45 in it }
      rbg got to 56 when they merged the alliances in NW { not when they merged with mm!! }

      i personally consider that taking rbg in was a good move - but this is my opinion and as all leaders from mm know i insisted on this many times :)) - that move was supposed to provide 3 things : 1 - lowering moral of carnage players , 2 - some safety for the nw players and the ones on the nw border , 3 - more troops to use ----- which it did .

      from those that came from rbg - some participated in attacks every time they received a target , and some have provided awesome defence .
      i will only name the ones i talked with more times { if i forget someone - plz reply } : mintmuffin - the no1 def on the server , nero - a great new player on travian :D , moog , mattafix - where btw we managed to catch some armies cause he called for def in time :D , shm , warrby and greenmunk who participated in attacks every time :d , azzy - who took hits and kept fighting till the end , bum fluff - who did her best every time .

      from the other new additions to the mm team , i have to give a special recognition for : centurion - awesome performance all server, uthred , the bruce - great attacker , br6, almogavers - awesome def so close to me , gellewza , deval_6 - huge amounts of defense all server-not only in mm but also before she joined, fitarco , danzlfc , casbrown and the 2 people i managed to convince to come with us when gmc dissapeared n3kr0s666 and akkadd - nice job by me to get u 2 :d and ... narwhal - nice 2 players there :)

      for the core group {extended with family members and friends } , just 1 thing : awesome
      from Lilith with love , the Reaper sends his regards

      very proud member of MM { uk4 , round 8 and 9 - winner on both }
    • A very interesting read so thank you for that. I'm sorry the server couldn't have lasted longer, maybe next time?

      A thank you to the leadership of MM for guiding us through this server. And yes, the RBG merger did give us our greatest weapon, the MintMuffin. Capable of producing copious amounts of defence.
    • Medusa_--_UK wrote:

      Also, my biggest regret for the server is taking RBG. Muffin, I am so happy you were on our side, your defence was key! But psychologically I think the move was too powerful. The benefit we gained from hitting the moral in carnage far exceeded the actual benefit of the amazing players we took in.
      Yes, to be honest I hadn't pegged the MintMuffin move as being that instrumental. At any rate I think MintMuffin moved over a month before you merged with RBG? Merged on 6 November but MintMuffin moved over 6 October?

      Dsv_UK wrote:

      about those fakes u talked about - targetting gb and gs to see non cap hammers ... i have a pb there : i thought u wanted to do that too , but u targeted treasury on very many occasions ?!?
      To be honest I hadn't even considered a non-cap hammer/rammer from you, which is why I did not target it :( That is completely my mistake.

      The reason I targeted Treasury was because Spyk3 and Daawee (from AP) needed more than 50 hours to get to the WW and your unique secret respectively. I thought you, not having seen their hammer, might risk it and move the secret with time for it to activate again before the hit. So I built up a spare level 20, held Accurate back for a last-minute run, and found out in which villages there was the potential for a move so I could calculate timings.

      Dsv_UK wrote:

      about AP , i knew they would make ww armies - i was curios who would they hit , us or u
      Their plan was actually to hit us =O - as they thought we treated one of their friends unfairly (he's in my story, P).

      I had to spend a few days talking them out of it and eventually they ended up being a great asset.

      Dsv_UK wrote:

      related to the merge with rbg , i have to say again : when mm!! merged with rbg they both had aproximately 30 players in each - so before the merge we still had less players than carnage { n was almolst full and s had around 45 in it }
      rbg got to 56 when they merged the alliances in NW { not when they merged with mm!! }
      You might be right, although I remember counting players right after the merger and thought your two wings were more than us? Might be wrong though unfortunately I didn't take down exact numbers.

      Dsv_UK wrote:

      mattafix - where btw we managed to catch some armies cause he called for def in time
      Good catch. Mattafix was the target I selected to suicide Bloodeagle's and Hopaaa's hammers. I asked Bloodeagle not to send any fakes so that we would be able to catch some deff there as they didn't want to keep their hammers or make them bigger so late in the game. And I didn't think hitting the WW would make a difference so hit where I thought we could find the most defensive troops which could otherwise go to WW.

      Templehill4_UK wrote:

      A very interesting read so thank you for that. I'm sorry the server couldn't have lasted longer, maybe next time?
      You're welcome. Perhaps, although I will need to take a long break from leadership (as I'm sure Medusa and dsv know it takes up too much time).

      And as fun as it was playing with Carnage and fighting monkeys, it looks like on my next server I will be running with monkeys instead 8o (MFH).
    • yes - mint moved before the merge
      yes - we were more after the merge { 60 + 60 }
      about treasury - sj suggested that . but as u saw i had treasury on 10+ villages so i could have moved an artie anywhere
      from Lilith with love , the Reaper sends his regards

      very proud member of MM { uk4 , round 8 and 9 - winner on both }
    • Nice read, always good to see things from others perspectives. I don't usually post on forums, but you went to such effort, kudos!

      Thank you for the battles and for picking up the alliance and making a game of it. For a time we were worried you were going to jack it in so we had a plan to form teams in MM and have an enjoyable 'civil war'. This was a contingency of course, just to carry on having fun if the worst came to the worst. I'm glad you fought hard and pulled everyone up with you.

      Personal highlights were settling first on server and taking the cropper next to trouble he so desperately wanted. After this he made Hsekiu (then GMC) settle a cropper next to it and to cause me 'trouble'. Hsekiu ended up being a great defended for myself and to MM to which I am truly grateful. Trouble tried, Trouble died.

      My next highlight was the battle with Locke,, he walled his army on my cap after being a real nuisance hitting my team along the border, so was relieved to see the army gone(again thanks Hsekiu). I relieved him of his diet and ability to rebuild. He soon quit after that.

      SomeTolerance was my target for one of the attacks, to which I cleared the target and took out some croplands causing a nice mess and the retaliation was to hit my capital. Again thanks Hsekiu (get the theme yet?) and by this point I was starting to house Muffins which proved to be useful defense for the rest of the server. SomeTolerance then messaged saying they were done with the server. It was at this stage I began to wonder if anyone in Carnage had any bottle.

      Unfortunately after this the server was much quieter both in game and for myself real life got busier - but still playing nonetheless.

      I'm gutted I wasn't able to build bigger armies or that the server didn't last longer but I hope I did the Monkeys proud and glad I had the chance to be part of a great and fun team.

      Thanks to everyone that took part and made it interesting from both sides.

      dsv, as always - great player/leader/co-ordinator
      Medusa - loved and hated, few get stuck between - great leader, dancer and tactician
      Hsekiu - Sorry I couldn't get you higher up the defense league, I tried to get them to attack me as much as possible :) Thanks for being an awesome defender and sitter
      MintMuffin - You're welcome for feeding your defense most of the server ;)
      Temple - Always shoring up the defense across the map whenever needed

      I could go on, but I don't want to outstay my welcome, so many I could name for various reasons!

      Great job everyone from both sides.

    • DtS,

      Thank you for the kind words as you know I've been playing a while mostly in SE region but actually didn't know about forum page until a friend showed me this post!

      Thank you for all your help for the entire server it was touch and go there a bit but we managed to pull through the difficult months and this has definitely been my most enjoyable server serving under you.

      Will miss those funny IGMS and your MMs to the alliance inspirational funny and always first class one and some of the best I'd seen - always put a smile on my face receiving them with your "DTS" stamp of approval. Hope you keep doing that wherever you go and I look forward to playing with you again. Thank you for believing in me I never delete but when I saw the alliance stand behind me I recovered quicker.

      And thank you MM also you've been a terrific alliance very organised and very experienced seemed like you knew what you were doing the entire server and almost always ahead of us.

    • Good read, people should do things like this for every server, really helped to fill in the 2 or so months I wasnt playing! Just 3 things that I have to comment on to stop myself getting grief in the group chat :D

      DaegontheSnake wrote:

      I asked Alex if he could take it and build two hammers, and he (reluctantly, I think, knowing how annoying I'd be) agreed.
      It wasn't reluctantly, when uk3 ended I was up for helping on another server. Especially on an account that was so well set up already - that meant I didnt have to fail my exams :D

      DaegontheSnake wrote:

      As Day 200 drew nearer, MM sent a few waves. I had thought they were trying to take our architect's secret artefact. Instead, Flower switched out his own architect's 5x unique and took Accurate's unique trainer. The attack was well planned. Covered by an inordinate number of fakes, which had us scrambling to find where he was going. In the end, we didn't even deff Accurate's unique, instead opting to deff elsewhere. Accurate had RL issues at this stage and therefore wasn't able to come online, and Flower's non-cap hammer took the artefact.

      You've said it now, it wasnt my fault! Its official, Im going to have to tell everyone in the skype chat so you guys can stop talking about it :D

      DaegontheSnake wrote:

      Alex, who in turn asked Lucky for the answers, so both of them deserve recognition

      I thought this was meant to be a factual forum post? Lucky is a noob and always will be, as shown by how far he is behind already on uk1 ;)
      What reports are you meant to show off if you're a defensive player? :(

      My name is Alex, not Mark :)
    • Out of respect to daegons post i won't argue about anything, but i need to adress one point.

      Marksy_UK wrote:

      I thought this was meant to be a factual forum post? Lucky is a noob and always will be, as shown by how far he is behind already on uk1
      This is a lie, a big fat lie.
    • MarkokraM wrote:

      Shame that you were zeroed before the round was over! ^^
      I feel like pun king now :D
      If only it were true. I deactivated long before any major events unfolded, life presented me with an opportunity that had to take priority over this. However, I was always keen to look back on my fellow players and see how this unfolded!

      I wonder, does anyone know if WhiteRhino finished the round?