The Greatest Treasure

  • The Greatest Treasure

    .. Years later he still remembered that night as clearly as if it had happened just a day before. Spirts of flame, dancing over the roofs, horrifying screams of people, blocked in their houses by the fire, huge plumes of smoke billowing into the dark sky. And him, the 8-year-old boy, who just found the greatest treasure that changed his life forever...

    Dear players
    Use your creativity and try to imagine who the boy was, what he might have found, when, where and why this fire took place.
    Write your ideas below. It should not be the complete story, just your guess based on the picture and the text above.
    The optimal length is 2-3 sentences

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  • In his mad dash to find his mother, the boy stumbled over cracked roofing that had fallen from the blazing wreckage of what was once a house. The blood on his knees were the only cue he had that he'd been hurt in the fall, adrenaline pumped through him as he forced himself deeper into the village- he had to make it back to her, she was all that he had now.

    Back when he was younger, just a small child of 4 or 5, his father had left. He was being drafted by the village to be an Imperian, and to fight in a coming battle. They were to take the city of another empire, one that had abandoned the Alliance. All those years ago, he stood at the gates every morning waiting to see the banners return, but there was never the hint of green banners on the horizon. He understood deep down his father was killed by these traitors, but he had to keep checking. What else could he do? He was simply too young and too weak to run off and fight a war himself.

    However, that was all about to change as the boy rounded the last corner before the village center, the shattered remains of the treasury before him. The village was certainly being sacked so It made sense they'd try to steal the artifact. It was the keystone of the empire's riches and wealth, after all. On a strong looking horse sat a stern figure, his silver-grey sword in hand as he shifted through the rubble, looking for his prize. There was little else the boy could do but run away, not wanting to be caught and killed here in the middle of town before he could even get to his mother, but as he turned to leave, something caught his eye. The artifact. It found its way into his pocket, nestled close before he scurried off into the night to finish retrieving his mother. He had a plan. He would begin training and avenge his father, he would be a hero.
  • At the heart of the city, he young lad curled up in the embers of the abandoned steeple, accumulating ashes doused only by the tears he spared. Were it not for the church's poor shape, perhaps even this long-forgotten tower would have found the clamor of the depraved natives' footsteps raiding to their fill among these unholiest of flames. As smoke swallowed the floor, the boy promised himself he would dare not reopen his eyes once they again closed; but a feint ray of moonlight danced on an ancient steel blade he had not yet noticed before now, and his eyes couldn't remain shut if clamped when he discovered the saber to be cold to the touch.

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  • The youth Gaius Mucius Scaevola was greeted to fire in his Quarters before dawn; a product of the Clusian invasion of Rome in 508 BC. He would later find that his parents, rural farmers had died as the army ravaged Rome's outlying farmlands. This boy found a short sword of the legionnaire who had died defending his home city, later, Gaius would avenge his fallen love ones by killing Porsena; the coward who invaded rome.
  • Twas brillig when the natars struck, galumphing through the seas of red.
    All placid was the little boy, a single thought paced round his head.
    While riders raged with beasts uncaged, and smallfolk screamed for aide unseen,
    Our gallant youth now resolute, gripped priceless treasure beyond all measure,
    And steeled himself for what must be done.

    Twas midnight when the embers died, the tulgey dark hid fears unsaid
    All frenzied was the little boy, ecstatic while the city bled.
    For once a slave, by natars saved, dropped priceless key that set him free.
    He sang along to freedom’s song, and happily pillaged the hapless village,
    Then took revenge for years to come.

    alternatively but just as likely: Mikey Walsh found the map to One Eyed Willy's treasure but before he could set out with his buddies, Decepticons arrived and blew up his town looking for the map to the All-Spark. And his life was never the same. moral of the story: don't mixup your maps.
  • His feet pattered down the cobblestone street made slippery with blood, fleeing from the gory scene where his parents throats were slit open by gleaming swords just a few seconds before. Rounding the corner, he slipped and fell hard, hitting his head on the unrelenting pavement. Just before his awareness left him, he saw his right palm close around a small, shiny, round object, lying on the ground beside him.
  • The invader are rushing toward the palace as the great general has betrayed his faithful emperor for the promised fortune and power. The emperor with his last of the once called army fight until their last breath trying to stop those savages from those who can not.

    On the other side of the wall, an 8 years old price is rushing through the treasure room, trying to get to the secret passage, who also just found the greatest treasure that yet he didn't know will change his life forever. A little boy who once had everything now is blessed with the treasure of nothing, the one that push any man to the edge of falling apart or fight their way to get what they once had.

    What happen after is an epic story fulfilled with intrigue, bloodshed that illustrate the poetical side of vengeance.
  • Vercingetorix looked on with a slight glee on his face as his father's army destroyed the town that defied him. "It should be MY destiny to continue the empires expansion to the rest of the world" he thought as his gaze landed on a short sword lying on the ground. As he reached down to grasp the sword, A shiny object next to it caught his eye. He recognized what it was from the pictures his father had shown him - The fabled Speed Artifact! With this, his armies could strike without warning and all nations would bow to him!
    He uttered a small prayer to Belisama thinking "There is only one thing that stands in my way" and walked to where his older brother was standing. "If you're lucky, I might let you be a Phalanx in my army", his brother sneered at him(again). Vercingetorix will never forget the surprised look on his brothers face as he thrust the sword through his heart and the feeling of satisfaction he felt as his brother slumped to the ground.
  • Years later she still remembered that night as clearly as if it had happened just a day before. Spirts of flame, dancing over the roofs, horrifying screams of people, blocked in their houses by the fire, huge plumes of smoke billowing into the dark sky. And her, the 8-year-old girl, who just found the greatest treasure that changed her life forever...

    She heard the voice of God ordering her to break free France... "but me I am just a little girl"… she had been thinking about that voice for several years now, but today was the day she had to get ready to win for God the Battle, and to use that great treasure she had kept in her soul and heart. So with her faith in God she faced her destiny for france.

    Joan of Arc. 1412 -1431

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  • Congratulations to all who participated as the stories were great to read.

    We do have our winners though so without further ado....

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