UK Goes To Munich!

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  • Well written up Lem, thanks for all the effort you are putting in for the UK domain. I made a point a while back about Lem being picked by an American CM to "represent" the UK domain whilst being Danish. It's not a negative point, as I do believe Lem is the best pick here, but still, it highlights a point that apparently I'm not allowed to make anymore!

    I understand Crunch's frustration too. For years we have been complaining (Crunch more than anyone...) and it seems we are getting "glossed-over" answers to our complaints, however, this event is a step in the right direction no matter how small the step. Getting answers and reassurances are all fine and well, but it's actions we need to see from TG, and we will not know if this event was a success or not until actions have been put in place, but at the moment, I'm not holding my breath.
  • Blaze wrote:

    Downloaded image and zooming in now into some of the notes posted on the board. The following is written on the board if someone is interested:

    Column 1:

    -> Forum Rules
    -> Change edit function in forum
    -> Pillory (Wall of shame) (what does this mean?)

    -> Social Media Plans
    Forum _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (sorry some words are hard to see xD)
    -> Update of Travian Answers
    Unpaid _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Column 2:
    -> Respectful way of dealing with complains
    -> Better training for multihunter
    -> Lack of game knowledge in support team
    -> 0 visibility of support team work
    -> Stronger punishment for people who break rules
    -> Multiaccs
    -> Reasonable way of dealing with bans

    Column 3:
    -> Support with troops/res only possible within any NAP/Conf (To kill black market)
    -> Nature/Natar give only 50% off points
    -> Improve/Change Daily quests
    -> Make artifact spawn later
    -> Change climbers ranking, population vs rank
    -> Change Morale Bonus

    Column 4:
    -> More engaging end game phase - Change grey zone - WW random spawn
    -> Give resources back after a big fight
    -> Punish point boosters (tournament)
    -> How are decisions to introduce game changes made?
    -> Limit amount of Nap/Confed (to limit big meta)

    Column 5:
    -> Smaller Map
    -> Merger, Server and Domains

    -> 3.6 version once a year
    -> More 2x and 5x servers

    Column 6:
    -> Mobile App
    -> Phone number to verify accounts
    -> Cancel Merchants (90 secs)
    -> Use the "Other" Statistic page to show Server day, days to artifacts, days to construction Plan
    -> Send all Farmlists with 1 click (omfg ty frickin finally)
    -> Mark all as read function (1 click action instead of 1 page)
    -> Female troops
    -> Decrease resources needed for alliance bonus.

    Column 7:
    -> Q&A DEVS
    -> How Does Devs and Q&A team work?
    -> High Load Issues (Tournament Finals)
    -> More Detailed Patch Notes
    -> Lead times for patch releases
    -> Better tests before releasing Updates (you dont say?)
    -> Bot Detection/ Automatic _ _ _ _ (sorry again :/)
    -> Remove Proxies/TOR usage (RIP Aliens)
    -> Process for Releases

    Column 8:
    -> Invest more in advertisement
    -> New players onboarding *brainstorm*
    -> Tournament *brainstorming*

    Puts a lot of things out there to be discussed
    I believe it is Forum Activity
    Unpaid Multihunters
    Bot Detection/ Automatic Multi

    Pillory/Wall of Shame - I'm guessing this is to out some repeat offenders, or it's tongue-in-cheek for being noobiest of noobs.
    One-click FLs - Sorry, Brian has already given this an emphatic "No"
    ..And that is the Final Word.

  • why u want to waste more time than needed just to show off or show other down? have fun... they should limit raiding to 1k so player doesnt farm in masses :P thus giving good compitition to non raiders ( if u want one go kill button in fl ) cause some simmers works hard enough to get decent income and some bot farm and gold abuse it..
  • ELE wrote:

    "we expected to see a bunch of stubborn, narrow minded people, which turned out to be as far from reality as possible". That was said by head developer but I can use the same words without hesitation.
    And doesn’t that say it all about why TG historically have so many issues communicating with their player base. I’m glad you were able to change their opinion.

    MadZ wrote:

    Getting answers and reassurances are all fine and well, but it's actions we need to see from TG, and we will not know if this event was a success or not until actions have been put in place,
    Hear, hear!

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  • ELE wrote:

    What sort of action did you expect from this event or 3 weeks later? Give me example please, theoretical is fine.
    I expect no actions to be put in place 3 weeks after the event. But I expect plenty to be put in place over the next few months.
  • Most of the topics we discussed and possible changes which needs to be tested can take a half year up to a year before they are implemented. One problem is that the test server PTR don't generate enough of reports about bugs as mentioned before in some of our treads about the event.

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  • NE Fan_UK wrote:

    I honestly thought the first question the UK representive would ask is why British players have to pay more for gold than anyone else.
    They don’t?


    Domain:1600 goldConverted to GBP

    As you can see, when comparing to the other English domains, UK is actually the cheapest.

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  • Anywhere you go and play you pay the same amount afaik.

    Though, I am still a bit frustrated why there's no 100€ package everywhere, while on com there is.

    I haven't visited many domains but my local one uses € as currency and the package isn't there.

    Oh bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao...
  • oh i have no problem with it at all. But when you buy gold on a UK server the default setting is the higher UK price. I certainly know i have paid the higher price on many occasions. But i thank you all for bringing it up on the forum.