To Munich we go.

  • Badboy wrote:

    Says the defender of the one true hero METEO!!!
    Say whatever about Meteo0's cheating, but he's got better personality than the rest. I've talked to him enough to know this. And he was not the one who backstabbed, he was the whose hammer you zeroed from friendly account of the same alliance while his sitter was on the same page and removed all defense.
    I hated Meteo0, till I talked to him. We asked him to not play on com1, he got sad - but he's not on the server. And it's more sad that I did this because of everyone else who does not know him yet hate him!! Or who've started to trash talk him in alliance chats, and he replied to you defending himself with whatever abusive little english he knows. If anyone wants to be a judge of his character, they should know Persian and should've talked to him. Otherwise stop bad mouthing him.

    AbounA wrote:

    i just want u to know i have no prob with u not knowing good English but don't act smart and use stuff i said that u don't even understand to try to hurt me bro

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  • Sanket, you have now been blocked, dont call me friend, I am no friend to you, nor you to me, no respect now buddy ,

    hold very little respect for many in this game. the ones who did hold a little have lost it this year.m

    my game now is about killing this game.

    it is sick, very sick,

    good people stand by while bad is done.

    thats happened before in 1930's & 40's real world, did not end well then either.

    like rl, games reflect what people believe.

    some very poor intelect in this game, from smart people.

    you sir, I do not consider a friend any longer.
    confidant there will be a roll back :rolleyes: :D