COMF Server Rollback

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    • COMF Server Rollback

      Dear players of Tournament Finals,

      We are aware about critical bug happened this week, that resulted in massive starvation of troops, especially on the World Wonders – the key feature of the endgame stage.

      Unfortunately, Tournament server normally means really intense actions, that didn’t let the team – despite all efforts – to restore starved troops within a short time. This, in turn, resulted in top-2 World Wonder, which suffered most from it, to be zeroed by catapult attack. Other World Wonders were also affected with that, though to relatively lesser extent.

      We want to make sure that every team, that came to the Tournament got equal treatment and had fair chances to win based on their skills and experience, that were not affected by this unfortunate situation.

      Therefore the decision has been made to rollback the server to Tuesday 06.03.2018.

      We understand and share your frustration, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.

      We'll keep you updated about the details in this thread and via infoboxes. Tournament Server will be put to maintenance mode at 12:00 UTC.

      Your Travian: Legends Team
    • Some update:
      • Estimated time when Tournament Finals is back online - 14:30 UTC
      • The Backup was taken at 2018-03-06 19:01:10 UTC. It means that server will start from that time.
      • There will be no-starvation mode enabled on server for the next 12 hours.
      • All gold purchased on Tournament Finals from the moment of Rollback till it's been put on Maintenance Mode will be refunded (most likely by Friday morning)
      • Every player of the Tournament finals, currently present on the server, will receive a compensation - 100 gold voucher to their registration email, that players can use on any server of their choice, including Tournament finals. More information on that matter will come soon.
    • Hi. I got information that server still has some issues after rollback

      1. After the backup the number of PLUS days are not adjusted properly.
      2. In some cases gold rebooking has not been done (players still haven't got gold, purchaced between Tuesday and Thursday on their accounts after rollback).
      3. Some of the players vacation days have not been adjusted.

      Those issues are already forwarded to the tech supporters and they are looking at it.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

      Some update is coming first thing Friday morning.
    • Hi.

      Bought gold should now be added to the accounts correctly. If you still haven't received gold that you've bought from Tuesday to Thursday, please, contact Plus Support. Techs are working on other issues now. More updates are coming.

      Cheers, Ameno
    • Hi there.

      A bit more updates

      1) Plus issue (the number of days of active Plus is not displayed correctly) should be solved by now.
      2) Vouchers codes with compensation have just been sent. It might take a while to process, but they should arrive already or by Saturday morning. Please, check your emails. If you haven't received a voucher then, please, contact support.

      Cheers, Ameno