Happy Mothers Day

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    • It was actually Mothering Sunday last Sunday which is not the same as Mother's Day, although it has become the same thing. Like many religious festivals (Mothering Sunday was actually traditionally a day for servants to be able to return to their "mother" church for Sunday service) it has been overtaken by the more commercial American version.

      UK tend to be more low key in their festivals, American influence over recent years has changed things, for example Halloween and trick or treating was never big in the UK when I was young, Father's Day didn't exist and we never had Proms or Graduation. You just did your exams then left school.

      Anyway, Mother's Day in the UK, as Ele says, is generally a more private family day with children doing something nice for their mum to show their appreciation for all she does for them through the year. Things like making their mum breakfast in bed, a card and flowers or cooking her lunch or going out for a family lunch or even just doing the washing up are the sort of things children do.

      Maybe other families have a different experience, but that has always been mine. I got breakfast in bed (heart shaped egg on toast awwwww), my kids always pick me some daffodils from the garden and I got a card and some chocolates so it was a lovely day for me :)

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    • This post sounds like total waffle since Ele’s post was removed, and as has been pointed out to me, it is also total garbage since Mothering Sunday isn’t until the fourth Sunday in Lent (red face) I just always get the two confused!

      Anyway, thank you for posting the pink roses for all the mothers on the forum TK, it is a nice gesture.

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    • It's a good job nobody commented on Crunch's post either since that got deleted, because then they too would look silly :whistling:
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