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    • Crusade in the Holy Land

      I dislike merged hammers, I think they cause WAY too much imbalance on these birthday servers. This post isn't to knock them, its to celebrate them, for just a moment. This server has been incredibly boring, but last night Mean Girls and SMT finally had some excitement!

      Anybody reading this that isn't familiar with birthday servers should know that there are no wonders here. We collect points by conquering regions. It involves a lot of chiefing, simming, catting fun all over the map. You are also able to merge your cavalry and infantry into a single hammer, making some top players occasionally unstoppable.

      Last night in the far off region of Jerusalem, SMT player decided to merge this Roman hammer and hit a Mean Girl.

      Converter - Battle reports Travian

      We estimate that hammer cost over 1800 gold! The player he hit had lost his hammer a mere 3 weeks ago. Unbeknownst to the SMT player, the Mean Girl had himself merged a hammer and immediately launched on the SMT players new hammer. And....chiefed it...9.5 hours later with this clear...

      Converter - Battle reports Travian

      I'm pretty sure that was probably one of the most expensive hammer per hour ever built on one of these servers. So congrats to both sides for making this server a little more interesting.

      ***I anonymized everything, even though I'm not sure what the rules are now.
      s4r2 - ABT * s4r3 - AXE * s4r4 - ROAR * s5r3 - Pack * ROA - L&E * ROA2X - SI * F&S - Mean Girls
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      So he merged to make a 210k hammer, and killed 110k of his own in order to chief a 60k that apparently has no siege. Not to mention chiefed with chiefs in cleaner wave, only to have half his siege and a chief killed.

      Both sides seem to have invested unwisely. Goes to show money won't buy you any skill. Just noobs with fat wallets.
      ..And that is the Final Word.

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      It's true. That guy is a noob. Res transfers are free though. That hammer cost maybe 100 gold to rebuild that fast, just to activate trainer artis in multiple villas for a couple of days.

      If that hammer lived in the region, MG would have lost the unique diet arti. If losing 10 days of troops is a big deal to you, so be it. It isn't a big deal when considering the effects it would have had on the whole alliance had the arti been lost.

      As for chiefs in the clear. The attack was sent from a laptop using cell phone hotspot while out in the boonies with 1 bar of service. Not gonna risk that snipe as there was consistently 5-10 seconds between waves on test sends.

      The round has been over for a month and a half. We have been looking for anything to burn troops on. They don't roll over to the next round.

      Prevented a chiefing on a key villa in the region, chiefed a 1900 gold hammer and had a blast with the team. All while sitting under the stars in the middle of nowhere enjoying a camp fire and good brown water. It was a good night.
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      Oh, and please consider inviting Mean Girls (and of course anyone else) to birthday server on .com next round. If you can't make that call, then please put me in touch with one of your leaders.

      We like meeting new enemies.

      And to be fair TM, Fools or Bali can give you a good run, in my opinion, and all three will likely show up.
      ..And that is the Final Word.