Hero point clarification

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    • Hero point clarification

      Fighting strength combines both his defensive and offensive power... the less damage he will take during adventures.

      Does this mean FS only counts for adventures, and so points should be on off bonus if hitting players, nature, et cetera?
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    • Fighting strenght is something like that I think;

      500 FS means 55 Battle power, 500 def vs. inf and 500 def vs. cavalry.*
      Now, whether your heroes FS/BP is considered as infantry or cavalry depends if you've got him mounted or not.

      *-The defensive aspect is a bit of a mystery I think, so not 100% sure about it.

    • The fighting strength applies the same whether the hero is defending or attacking.

      Army of Kittens wrote:

      so points should be on off bonus if hitting players, nature, et cetera?
      This depends on how many troops you have accompanying your hero ;) if you're only sending the hero, it needs to be on fighting strength, or the hero will die if meeting defense. But at a certain point, you will get more out of offensive bonus than fighting strength, since it scales with how many units you send along (and their off power).

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