Egyptian Maxed Crop production (F&S 3x)

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    • For those who think we are cheating which we are not, it's not like we are just simming ;)

      But I'd like to mention that we are not playing on the com server, which is harder to play!
      • Attack week 7.png

        26.31 kB, 950×237, viewed 68 times
      • def week 7.png

        23.1 kB, 951×237, viewed 57 times
    • What you did is actually easy, just requires a lot of patience and activity.

      You can even export 20% production into making troops and you're bound to beat many in def amount soon as well.

      This acc just proves that you can sim a bit more at start, but pays off with that absurd production. Then it's just a matter of NPC like a maniac. :D
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      [2017] si2 - Blobfish
      [2017/18] si1 - .iDKz!
      [2017/18] com29 - sph1nX
      [2018] com83 - Bacardi Time