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    • Hi. Please, contact support team from the registration email. I am not sure why it's not deleted and can't have a look without knowing all information such as server / name / email. As for deleting all the data, the message has been forwarded. Complete deletion of all stored information might take up to 1 month, since it's also need to be properly documented.
    • Well, with all respect, but then I really recommend you to re-send message sent to given address and add that specifically. From what I remember, you requested deleting "all data", not just forum account. And, according to GDPR, well, it's really all data: all game accounts in all Travian Games projects, all information stored - like your email address, wherever it is, veteran medal information if you received it etc.
    • With all respect, I requested deleting "my account". I did this on numerous occasions and with less and less courtesy as I was repeatedly ignored by forum staff when I made the request.
      I eventually requested what I was told to request in the manner that you told me to. I did this because I thought it was the only way for my account to be deleted.
      My choice was to just have my forum account deleted, but as I've already asked for everything to be deleted I'll stick with that.
    • I would say our accounts are exactly that ours, we should be able to control them as we wish. There is no reason why they should be linked to "the game", it makes no sense. With the update of GDPR it is even more crucial that we understand what is being done with our information. We have the right to request all personal information held on us and there is now no fee. We also have the right to be forgotten. I have no idea the reason behind "the artist formally known as Y.Y" withdrawal, but they do have the right and that right seems not to have been upheld. Having said that there is a 30 day period after request to remove it all. I would like to give the company the benefit of the doubt, however the difficulty in this simple task does make me wonder what is being done with our personal information and if money is being made from it?
    • It isn’t that hard to delete an account, normally a message to the CM from the account is all it takes. You get a few days cooling off in case you change your mind, then the account is closed. They managed to close mine and Cali’s mod accounts without even telling us and I’ve seen several friends have their accounts closed in the last few months at their request.

      I’m assuming Eddie’s is taking longer because he wants all information removed, but there still doesn’t seem to be any reason why it can’t be closed first and then wiped, unless it makes it harder to track activity and remove all his posts. Not sure how they will remove everything though, he’s had more than one forum account in the past. I’m not convinced public forum posts count as data though, personal data is deemed to be anything that could let you trace that person, so a county and a date of birth together or just an email address. Asking for all forum posts to be removed is a personal request rather than a GDPR request and again, if it’s just for this forum it isn’t hard to do. Ten minute job at most.

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    • I have to say once again, if the request is to delete "all data", then it is "all data" and yes, might take time. Won't take long though. Today I'll ask if I can delete forum account separately and if I can, then so be it.

      As for other forum accounts person might have, lets leave it on this person. The requested deletion will be performed only to the data connected to the registration email.
    • Ritzy Sparkle wrote:

      With the update of GDPR it is even more crucial that we understand what is being done with our information. We have the right to request all personal information held on us and there is now no fee.
      That was possible to do prior to the GDPR aswell, most people just don’t understand what the GDPR has actually changed :S

    • It is easy to have your forum account deleted, I had one deleted without my knowledge and then personally requested to have my other account deleted. All it took was an email from the account I used to register forum account from.
      I am not really back and still enjoying my travian free life, though never say never...