Day 2

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    • Day 2. The abandoned

      When Edward woke up the next day, something dramatically had changed in the village. It looked empty and abandoned.
      Edwards blood chilled to ice when he saw an old druid – their eccentric neighbor – sitting at the kitchen table. He gave Edward a nasty smirk.
      "I found this spell in a recent book and your theft Edward, gave me an idea to test this little trick on this village. I'll give you a test and if you choose correctly, this village will be saved
      but you'll in turn have to solve seven tasks for me." Edward froze, and nodded.

      Task: This is the test given to Edward by the old druid.
      There are two scrolls with labels. By opening the scroll, you'll immediately apply the spell it contains.
      Scroll IScroll II
      At least one of those scrolls details a spell to return life to the village.A spell to forever turn your village into a Natar village is written on the first scroll.

      "Are those statements on the scrolls true?" asked Edward.
      "They are either both true, or both false," answered the old druid.
      "And what if none of the scrolls contains the necessary spell?"
      "Then, you're out of luck," the old druid threw him another chilling smirk.