Day 3

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    • Day 3. The journey begins

      The moment Edward opened the correct scroll, the village came back to life as if nothing had ever happened to it. "Well, you're bright enough to solve the riddle and save your village.
      This is a cipher that contains coordinates, which you need to visit. Go there right away!"
      "What should I do when I get there?" asked Edward.
      "This you will know when you arrive at the place." replied the old druid.

      Task: Find out the coordinates.
      7 and 5 = (35|122)
      5 and 4 = (20|91)
      8 and 2 = (16|106)
      6 and 3 = (18|93)
      9 and 6 = ?
      To be continued.
    • 正確答案為:9 and 6 = (9*6|9+6, 9-6) = (54|153)

      獲獎者為 shawn,獎勵金幣已經通過論壇內Conversations發放,請查收。

      White Knight提交答案時間已經超過截止時間,所以很遺憾,無法獲得獎勵。