TT 2018 int

  • TT 2018 int

    Since maintenance 2 hours ago:-
    1. Can not equip hero ie change swords or remove map and replace with shield.
    2. Can not send resources to my own villages in marketplace.
    3. Can not click on villages/oasis on the map (they are "Loading...")
    Kind Regards
  • Hello Gerard

    If you have not done so yet, please find the option in your browser tools that you use to play Travian and find the option to "clear your cache"

    or you can do the following.....

    1) Press Ctrl-Shift-Delete
    2) Choose Clear cache
    3) Choose "all time"
    4) Click Delete Data

    After an update you still have old code that is stored in your pc which conflicts with the new code which will cause pages to stick.
    Doing the above will generally clear this up.

    If your problems still persist after that, please contact ingame support and they can check your account for any errors.

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