Looking for 2-3 experienced players to form an account

    • Looking for 2-3 experienced players to form an account

      Who am I?
      • Played Travian on and off for 10 years
      • Heavily experienced with a range of accounts, but especially in heavy raiding Teuton accounts
      • Leadership experience and have been involved with the running of several alliances
      • London-based (which is currently in the BST time zone, so essentially GMT+1)
      • Always active from 9 to 5 (due to an IT-based job meaning I get to sit on my laptop all day) and usually active after work till late evening
      • Invests a lot of gold into serious accounts
      So, what is the plan?
      • We shall play on an upcoming UK/COM 1x server
      • 3-4 players (including myself) from different timezones to ensure 24 hour activity
      • An offensive Roman account
      • Gold invested from multiple players
      • Communication via Discord
      • Would like to go into the server pre-formed with a small group but I've lost all my contacts since my last break
      • Whilst waiting for the next UK/COM server, I would like us to get to know each other a bit, sort out a plan for the first few days of the server and maybe experiment and play around with that plan on other servers
      Are you interested?
      • Ensure you're up for the points above (UK/COM 1x, Roman account, investing gold etc.)
      • Make sure you're serious and will stick around to the end of the server
      • I don't bite so PM me on here and introduce yourself