UK4 Server Analysis - by KnowToFail

    • Analysis

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    • UK4 Server Analysis - by KnowToFail

      Hello all the nice people playing Travian.

      I am here, with yet another analysis. This time, its time for an early game UK4 analysis.

      I will divide this analysis into 4 parts. Eeach part will include alliances from each quadrant. I will include every alliance with 10 or more members. Alliances with less members I will disregard, since they dont play a major role just yet, or will join someone stronger in the future.

      (A disclaimer, my IGN is Venom (SQ), so excuse me if you think Im being biased :D ) Lets start:

      NE (+|+)

      Red: TIN

      Orange: SQ

      Purple-ish: MF

      Basically, what this tells us, that a part of SQ went to boonies to sim and a few stayed centre to start clearing the quad as soon as possible.
      There are many many red dots. All clustered in the spawn area. Strength in numbers? Lets check the statistics for these alliances:

      # of players592912
      Average population513787467
      # of villages1117621
      Average # of villages per player1,882,61,8
      Average village popultion273300266
      # of 100% or better 15c croppers secured2214
      Those croppers/# of players3%72%66%

      So what do these numbers tell us? SQ is a preformed group of players that have played travian before. They have secured a healthy amount of croppers. There is a lot of other accounts in the quadrant that they will need to clear. But with time the cropper productions should make up for the difference in the quadrant and I think they (we) will prevail. MF seem like a small group as well, with about the same mentality then SQ, just smaller in numbers and a bit behind in simming.

      SE (+|-)

      Purple: BROFORCE

      Brown: REKN

      From the picture above, you can see that there is a lot of TIN in this quadrant as well, but if decided not to show them, so that REKN can be seen better.

      Broforce are about the same type of an alliance as SQ. They have their own theme, are premade and have won the most recent UK6 servers. They know what they are doing.

      REKN seem to be all over the map. This tells me that this alliance recruited all sorts of players and that they are here just to have fun and play a casual game of Travian.

      I will include the statistics below.

      # of players2421
      Average population193751
      # of villages2553
      Average # of villages per player1,042,5
      Average village popultion185297
      # of 100% or better 15c croppers secured114
      Those croppers/# of players4%67%


      White/Greyish - R.E.J.

      Orangeish - PP

      2 relatively small alliances. Based on # of croppers secured, a bit lesser in power then BROFORCE and SQ, but still decent. They do seem to have relatively free quadrant to sim up. PP seem to have settled on the SE border, so they might get some fighting there, but thats about it. I see them as a decent addition to a major end-game power if they stay untouched and are able to sim up some troops.

      Below are current statistics for those 2 alliances.

      # of players3616
      Average population604293
      # of villages7723
      Average # of villages per player2,131,4
      Average village popultion282203
      # of 100% or better 15c croppers secured121
      Those croppers / # of players33%6%

      Since I know minimal about these 2 alliances and the quadrant seems empty, everything I had to say is written above. A pretty peacefull quadrant it seems.


      This is the quadrant with the most players it seems.

      Red - END

      Blue - NS

      Yellow/Gold - NGU
      Sooooo. Where to begin. 3 decently sized alliances in a single quadrant. What I see in this quadrant, is one elite alliance called NGU. Im assuming that, since nearly every player have secured an amazing cropper. At the same time, they have already establised a confed with NS. So that is a lot of players under the same roof. On the other end, END hasnt secured that many croppers and are sticking to the spawn area. They can be a pest to those 2 alliances, but in my opinion, they wont last till artefacts.

      Below are statistics:

      # of players552334
      Average population648701468
      # of villages1205761
      Average # of villages per player2,182,471,79
      Average village popultion297282260
      # of 100% or better 15c croppers secured10211
      Those croppers / # of players18%91% (!!)2%

      I think NS and NGU will make quick work of END. NGU really does seem elite, with a support from a lot of decent accounts in NS. These seem like the front runners right now on the server. Of course, its super early, anything can change right now, but thats just how it seems.

      My prediction for arty time:

      What I think its going to happen on the server, when artefacts arrive. I think SQ, BROFORCE and NS+NGU will have already cleaned their quadrants till then. The race for artefacts will be huge. SW seems underwhelming and im not quite sure what to think of it. They might just wait it out and join a winning side in the end, or they might make a server more interesting and join the underdogs. Too early to tell.

      I hope you enjoyed this analysis. Feel free to drop your own input on how the server will going to progress. It can turn pretty interesting :)

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    • Thank you for doing this analysis.
      I should say a thing or two about my group as I did not see the request for info in time to reply before the analysis.
      NGU/NS is a single alliance. Stands for
      "Never Give Up,
      Never Surrender".
      NGU is small, but has some decent players. We decided early on to do something many talk about, but few do. We were not large enough to even provide good defense to a WW. So we decided to merge with a group that was mixed between vets and newer players. Training and encouragement are ongoing with the hope that many of our newer members will learn enough to enjoy the game and continue playing.

      Now as to your analysis. I have been watching settlement patterns and it seems to me that there is a group out there that is ahead of us. I think you know them. The group is SQ. :)
      And there is no telling what might happen as we go along. We could easily end up 4th or even lower. Or we could win. Time will tell.
      Our true goal this server is to play with friends with minimal drama. And to make new friends both among those who join us and among our opponents.

      Let's have a good game and perhaps someone could do a new analysis after artifacts drop. That will be the next good point to judge the strength of the various groups here.
    • KTF I think you missed a few points.

      ~PP~ have settled round a WW site. I presume this is intentional.

      I do not think SQ will find it a breeze to clear their quad. They may yet decide to recruit from outside their initial group, in fact I think they will have to.

      TIN has gathered many accounts to itself and although spread across 2 quads it has many players in the NE and seems to be absorbing ex-RTG players. It remains to be seen if those players can stick it out or organise defence once they get attacked with cats or organise attacks on SQ who are sure to attack them. If they can do either or both of those then the SQ plan for quad domination will be somewhat frustrated.

      NS/NGU are in pole position as far as I can see and ~PP~ may surprise, especially if they form an alliance with BROFORCE.

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    • ngu/ns are teaming up with bro force? Was merging the whole northwest not enough players for them?
      tormentor - As for replying to other posts, I really cannot stand the stench, even the nose plugs are not stopping it.

      listers losers - Does that mean youve taken off the gimp mask?
    • Foxache wrote:

      I do not think SQ will find it a breeze to clear their quad. They may yet decide to recruit from outside their initial group, in fact I think they will have to.
      Haha. We will just have to see won't we.
      Yes, I've built my fair share of WWs. Won a few, lost a few. Played far too many rounds for far too long. Made a lot friends and enemies.

      Yes, I've played as an anvil and as a hammer. I'm only playing now because of all the friendship I have built over the past ten years. I love Travian but I love the community even more.

      Envy me for I have everything, Fear me for I have nothing to lose.
    • Yar_NL wrote:

      He wasnt wrong though. I, Abroham, hereby pledge that I shall reunite this server under the same banner. And together we shall conquer these virgin lands from the Natars!
      YES then we all win!

      Foxache wrote:

      mutley_UK wrote:

      ngu/ns are teaming up with bro force? Was merging the whole northwest not enough players for them?
      Sorry if the sentence did not read clearly, the thought was ~PP~ + BROFORCE at a later stage as a SE Meta.
      NS/NGU are a de facto and entirely separate NW Meta already.

      Yea that was my bad, humans weren't designed to see two 5 o'clocks a day!
      tormentor - As for replying to other posts, I really cannot stand the stench, even the nose plugs are not stopping it.

      listers losers - Does that mean youve taken off the gimp mask?
    • Seems a very busy and active Uk4, glad I joined, albeit to help a mate, all I hope is, it's better than the last 2 UK4 I played (no I can't recall which versions, but FOAD won one and MM the other)
      Remember have fun
      Uk1: current round, HAPPY account, previously Themightyreds
      UK2: current round, Themightyreds
      Previous identities include red wyvern, red dragon and once many years ago Easter