P2P Questions Caps and Breweries

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    • P2P Questions Caps and Breweries

      I have few questions. Maybe this isn't the right place to post?

      1. Can you make your capitol village an alter-tribe village? For example, can a Gaul chief a Teuton and make the Teuton village his capital?

      2. Do breweries work for all troops in an account, regardless of tribe? So, can a Teuton use his brewery to make his Imperians stronger and gain a chiefing disadvantage?

      Personally, I think #1 should not be allowed, but #2 should.
    • Yes, brewery will make your troops stronger (and all other effects of brewery will affect tribes). So, there is not an easy choice for off-players people - stronger troops (Teuton capital) or bigger production bonus (Egyptian capital).

      P.S. Not considering other tribes capitals in this example because they do not have any specific advantages comparing to Egyptians and Teutons.

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    • I can get behind that, but at the same time I feel like it's still the same argument. We're talking about the difference on level 18 cap fields of 126k to 189k/hr. or basically 33% extra on the cap. which in essence lets you run those stables for that ghost. Troop merging on RoA is a major part of the ruleset as well.

      Tho for non-gold users I would definitely agree that the brewery route would probably be the better choice for a few different reasons like A. doubtful you get lvl 18s early enough (or at all) to make this worthwhile tactic. and B. you probably wont be merging many troop overall.

      In theory though 33% more resources = 33% more troops > 10% bonus FS

      Especially when you add in the mix things like trainer arty powers and so on.

      Also put into consideration the brewery value changes depending on the tribe/ghost we're speaking of. A gaul ghost you get 9 extra attack pts per. Where as Steppe 12 per. Which is about the same as a tier 2 hero weapon. I much rather build 33% more and merge than add the 10% bonus.

      Also there is there additional benefits of using the egyptian cap over the teut. the cheap slave lets you either a. power level your hero, or b. toss in nice quick def with ash when needed. I just see a whole lot more extended benefit
    • Like I said -- I get that it's the better route in the most absolute sense; but tell that to the top attacker or defender out there who only had legionnaires LOL

      People play the game very differently. I am always surprised by how well players develop their accounts using a strategy I thought would never be helpful. So it's still very likely we'll see some multi-ghost hammer accounts running the brewery.

      This likelihood of playing weird is only exacerbated by the funky nature of Ancient Europe, where people get into wars much earlier. When I don't get 2 months to sim a hammer -- I may play differently. One underrated part about the brewery is it allows you to come back for your second attack 10% faster (if you consider you'll need to rebuild your losses and attack at the same strength). Doing that with 3 or 4 ghosts would cause a lot of damage.

      Personally, I would prefer to use the Egyptian cap so that I can take a worse 15c. But I do think there is merit to running a Teuton cap.

      Another issue is that hammers won't have auto-dodge if they run an Egyptian cap. A friend of mine is planning to make a Hun cap just so he can have his ghost with dodge. There will be several people with that mindset, I'm sure.