Gold Buyer's guide to a Mid-Game Hammer

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    • I think the very basic skeleton of the strategy still works quite well. However one thing I always do now is go for troops first in the new capital and send my hero to it. Having oases which hold 4-8k literally means you can jump weeks ahead- depending of-course on where you settle. I would suggest choosing a 15c which is generally away from the spawns, and in a mix of iron and clay oases.
      Other than that I would still go with getting those fields up steadily- when you have the culture points, gained naturally not through wasted resources on parties... then found your 3rd and 4th villages, but dont spend too much resources on them, they can build themselves up.
    • I still use this guide as a framework. Raiding instead of golding for a month though (probably top 30 raiders, never top 10). If I remember correctly, there is less time to build before artes arrive. But I managed 30k Axe, 7k TK and 300 catas. I started building troops pretty much straight away (for raiding). In terms of expansion, my first 2 villages were expanded from the spawn... then my 4th and 5th were from village 3.

      Plan A Mon 30/07/12
      Plan B Thu 09/08/12
      Plan C Tue 04/09/12
      Plan D Mon 10/09/12
      Plan E Sat 22/09/12

      By settling in this way I could build 3 chiefs in the capital and 2 chiefs in the 5th village. I then chiefed the biggest players around me. I had around 12k Axe, when I chiefed, which wasn't too bad, considering raiding loses.

      Currently 600k attack points and 2nd attacker on server 4, so still a good basis for a guide. Key thing, as the guide states, is initiative. Make it work for your style.

      My mate is the top attacker on the server, and stuck to the guide more rigidly, as you can see from his 3rd-6th village expansion times.

      26/09/12, 03/10/12, Sat 06/10/12, Tue 09/10/12

      He had less troops at arte time, but again, a good base and enough to take a unique arte.

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    • For an experience player, gold or no gold, it is a simple framework with realistic calculations, which you can adapt to your style of play. Every ally I've been in, 50%+ of the top armys for artes used it. ...and have running banter over who is ahead! lol.

      As I'm second to my mate, second on the server is a failure though! :P

      ...good luck with the trip... I assume you are going there to build wifi connections so everyone can play travian?

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    • Lord Aslan wrote:

      Thats impressive, must admit I didn't realize so many people actually use the guide, its encouraging! I'm leaving Travian start of 2014 to go to Africa on a mission trip for two yrs, seeing as so many actually found this guide useful, I may start working on a more upto date one to put out before I go :)

      This could be a nice idea. Me and James have always done something similar to this that we perfected over the years, and we calculated the building times for heroes mansions differently to this guide based on the ROI Vs regular field levels, and we spent an evening working out the advantages of settling directly Vs waiting months and spamming out like 6 villages in a week, and we get the same effect, but with settling as soon as we have the CP, so it costs much less gold.
    • yer cool guide .... had a guy going the sim the cap route in the sticks .... figured no one would bother him ... scouted see his wheat reserves where thought the roof , figured his fields where way way higher than mine , figured he couldn't of spent that much res on fields and hero mansion and invested in an anvil ....... long story short he deleted ;( I used his res to build up my TC and HM :ahoy:
    • To revive an old thread, I've loosely started to follow this guide on s5 with my own adaptions. This was mainly caused by me getting caught up in early round troop building and neglecting my capital fields, so after seeing this I decided to loosely follow it for now to 'get back on track'. Forgetting parts of the guide that are now vastly outdated (for example parties were nurfed), some bits such as how high to get your fields before upgrading the hero's mansion are still very useful.

      So I'm bringing all this up as I've run into a slight hiccup and wasn't sure how to proceed. My account was registered late, and wanting to stay in a central position I had to settle for a less than ideal 75% 9c capital. I have zero experience of taking anything other than a 150% 15c which is why I've come here to ask for advice. The 75% is made up of a 25% wheat and clay oasis and a 50% wheat oasis with the other oasis being 25% wood or clay. My question is, how high do you think I should get my resource fields before going from level 15 to level 20 hero's mansion?

      From my sums, at level 16 wheat or clay fields it would take the bonus achieved from an extra oasis 95 days to pay for the hero mansion costs. Is it even worth it?
      ukx4, ukx7, ukx8 & ukx10 - wgn, wgn, wgn & wgn , ukx11 - emily , ukx12 - Milkyway , ukx13 - Smelly Romans , ukx14 - Ayra & illii
      s1,7 - Raving Cabbage

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    • Haha, I've decided to not go to level 20 too. I did some sums and at the time of the sums the gain from the extra clay would take 100 days to pay for itself. In that time an investment of the same resources into raiding troops would give better rewards.

      A 75% 9c capital truly sucks. Never again.

      I honestly don't have the time to change quad although looking at your team I wish I did. Currently I can barely be bothered to manage 5 villages let alone push for more. I did stock up on artworks for rapid expansion into the top 20 but I've decided to sell them on instead. Thinking I might limit my round to 10 villages and just churn out phalanx for the rest of the round. I simply have too many things going on in RL, I'm still wondering why I even registered.

      Don't even know what direction to take the account in yet. Small offensive of haeduans or inactive phalanx factory?!
      ukx4, ukx7, ukx8 & ukx10 - wgn, wgn, wgn & wgn , ukx11 - emily , ukx12 - Milkyway , ukx13 - Smelly Romans , ukx14 - Ayra & illii
      s1,7 - Raving Cabbage

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    • Chris (Lord Aslan) wrote:

      This guide set up the foundation for how travian is played by most today, would be sad to lose it.
      I'm using it now for the first time UK6: one month in and 20k/hr crop, (125% cap). Settling my villages as CP comes in (no parties) due to lack of gold-funds. Will be balancing troops/fields production from this week onwards so looking forward to having some fun soon :)