Gold Buyer's guide to a Mid-Game Hammer

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    • Gold Buyer's guide to a Mid-Game Hammer


      A couple of years ago when dualling was still illegal and I had very little time for travian I worked out a strategy that would allow me to build a large hammer even though i wasn't spending much time on the game.

      This strategy has been worked on a lot and improved to give you the following hammer in-time for the midgame artifacts:

      40k axe.
      12k TK.
      2500 cata's.
      1000 Rams.

      What you need:

      1. 1200 + gold a month.
      2. An extensive knowledge of the game.
      3. Ability to use your Initiative

      As this is an advanced guide I'm not going to explain a lot of the basics, I'm explaining strategy not game-play.

      Basic to-do list:

      1. Found your 2nd village as fast as possible, 125%+ 15c.
      2. Sim your wheat fields to lvl 14.
      3. Found and sim 8 villages.
      4. Build weat fields to lvl 17.
      5. Build the hammer.

      Now I'm going to explain, with calculations etc how to do this within 150 days - for the midgame artifacts.

      [HL]15 days[/HL] should be the maximum time it takes to found your 2nd village- even on v3.6, if you dont think your able for whatever reason, then get a dual or two or more!

      Once you found the 2nd village, build order for the 15c:

      1. MB lvl 3
      2. Warehouse
      3. Granary
      4. Market Place
      5. All Wheat fields lvl 1
      6. All fields lvl 2
      7. All fields lvl 3
      8. Warehouse lvl 3
      9. Granary lvl 4
      10. All fields lvl 4
      11. Warehouse lvl 6
      12. Granary lvl 8
      13. One wheat field lvl 5
      14. Wheat mill lvl 2
      15. All fields lvl 5
      16. All fields lvl 6
      17. Warehouse lvl 7
      18. Granary lvl 15
      19. Wheat mill lvl 4
      20. All fields lvl 7
      21. Wheat Mill lvl 5
      22. All fields lvl 8
      23. Warehouse lvl 8
      24. Granary lvl 20
      25. One wheat field lvl 10
      26. Bakery lvl 4 + warehouse lvl 10
      27. All fields lvl 9
      28. Baker lvl 5
      29. Hero's mansion lvl 10
      30. Hero from 1st village sent to village 2
      31. 50% oases Conquered
      32. All fields lvl 10

      This list requires initiative. If gold is no problem then there's no need to build your warehouse and granary higher than is needed. If gold is a slight problem then upgrade the warehouse high enough to be able to upgrade two fields per NPC.

      Fields 1-10 will take a varied time, with very little pushing from v1 it can be done quite easily within 28 days simply by NPC'ing and building from the res production.

      Next, and this is where simming starts having its rewards, where you start building things which guys which have been concentrating on getting 3rd villages etc wont be able to.

      33. All fields lvl 11

      One lvl 11 fields costs 42500 res. We'll have a production from our lvl 10 fields etc of 7k an hr, so thats 6 hrs per field. 4 fields a day. We're looking at [HL]4 days[/HL] max for lvl 11 fields.

      34. Lvl 15 hero's mansion
      35. 50% oases conquered

      After lvl 11's it will take us [HL]two days[/HL] approx to conquer 2nd oases, thats then 13k an hr.

      36. All fields lvl 12

      Lvl 12 fields cost 70k a field approx, we can work on 5 hrs per field, because production rises as fields are upgraded. Almost 5 fields a day, [HL]3 days[/HL] to finish them.

      37. All fields lvl 13

      120k per level 13 field, production of 17k an hr, thats 7 hrs per field, 3 fields a day, [HL]5 days[/HL] for lvl 13's to be completed.

      38. Lvl 20 hero's mansion

      HM = 1,720,000 res, thats [HL]3 days[/HL] production, leaving us then with 27k res an hr.

      39. 25%/50% oases conquered, leaving us then with 27k res an hr.

      40. All fields lvl 14

      200k for lvl 14, it would take us 7.2 hrs per fields, then lvl 14's will take us only [HL]5 days[/HL].

      Getting the fields from lvl 10 to lvl 14 will take an overall 23 days (adding 1 day production for the cost of warehouse, granary etc) and leave us with a production of 32k res an hr.

      Lets add up the days now shall we? 15 days to found the 2nd village, 28 days to get the fields to lvl 10, 23 days to get the [HL]fields to lvl 14 = 66 days[/HL].

      Now if storage was no problem you could quite easily build 70k mace, 17k tk and 800 cata's using our production alone by the time the artifacts come. However... storage is always a problem unfortunately. So we cant start building our army just yet.

      So... lets found some villages- afterall we only have two villages and by now our rank is quite low lol! Each village gives a basic 5k res production.

      We would have 20k Culture points by now, so emmediately we found two villages. Each village we'll be able to get to a great ball going within 24 hrs, meaning we'll have 4 villages with a great ball going. Thats 8k cp in 48 hrs. In that 48 hrs we can get those fields in the two new villages to lvl 10. To get village no5 we need 39000k CP. We'll have a basic CP production of 2k a day minimum. So that means it will take us [HL]5 days[/HL] to gain the first 20k CP. 5th village founded and 5 GB started. Thats 24k CP in 4 days. 65k CP needed for v6. 40k + 25k (+250 cp a day x 4 added from basic CP production of new village) = 65k means 6th village [HL]4 days[/HL] later. GB started in 6 villages = 14500CP per 48 hrs. Vill 7 = 99000CP. 65k + 29k. Lets say it takes us [HL]6 days[/HL] for v7. 94+ 14500 = 10800CP. 17000 CP per 48 hrs from 7 villages. V8 = 141000CP. 108000+ 34k = 142k CP in [HL]4 days[/HL]- v8. [HL]4 days[/HL] to sim feilds to lvl 10, build barracks + stable to lvl 20 in non capital and all infrastructure etc.

      Thats an overall 23 days to found and sim 6 villages :cool:

      Now you have 35k extra res production. Thats 88 days into the server and you have a basic res production of 67k res an hr. Need more storage...

      lvl 15 field = 330k res an hr. = 4.5 hrs per field on average, thats 5.3 fields a day, so that [HL]3 days[/HL] for lvl 15 fields. Will then have a production of 77k res an hr.

      lvl 16 = 550k per field, = 7 hrs per field = [HL]5 days[/HL] - leaving plenty of res for other things. lvl 16 fields = 87k res an hr.

      900k res per lvl 17 field, thats 10hrs per field, so [HL]7 days[/HL] for lvl 17 fields.

      Thats 15 days from lvl 14 to lvl 17. = approx 105k res production an hour.

      So that means we're [HL]103 days into the server and we have a 105k res production[/HL] which is actually enough to build 24/7 in GB, GS and Workshop... but we cant do that because we wouldn't have anywhere to store the troops.

      SO... we have 105k res production, and 47 days to build a hammer... lets say 45 days to make a nice round number.

      There a huge number of different ways to build your hammer, some ways will produce a bigger one and some will produce a smaller one. But the one I'm going to for is as follows:

      Train troops in GB lvl 10 and GS lvl 10 - this will only cost you 50k res production an hour to keep this troop production going 24/7... meaning in 25 days you can have a 25 day troop building quee. Which is a good thing because by this point you only have 50k res production left- the rest already used for storage. [HL]After the 45 days are up[/HL] you'll still have a 5 day troop quee but by now you will have:

      [HL]40k axe.
      12k TK.
      2500 cata's.
      1000 Rams[/HL]

      All this will fit in your storage as it only takes up about 96k storage.

      I myself am busy using this exact strategy on com10 for the first time - I will come post my troop size when the midgame artifacts are introduced :)

      Edit 1:Mid-game has come and gone. We followed the guide to the letter just about, however we decided to get our lvl 18's done before mid-game so that we would not need to worry about it later- this did mean we had to sacrifice army size though. Anyhow in-time for the mid-game arti's we had:

      150% 15c with lvl 18 wheat fields.
      20k mace, 15k axe, 9k tk, 500 ram, 800 cata, 20% off hero.

      Current status: rank 31 pop, rank 2 off, 1/2 training unique arti.

      Between the weeks 3 (after v2 was founded) and 18 we did no farming whatsoever and only spent 5-10 mins a day on the account which was spent admiring the account :D (just kidding- more like NPC'ing etc)

      Total defence points so far: 15868 (most of which has been gained in a single attack from a deleting player)
      Total off points: 189130

      As you can see our simming hasn't cost the alliance much at all- maybe 2k wheats worth of troops. And no we're not out in the middle of nowhere, in-fact we're in the middle of the qaud: (-66|38)
      Nor are we part of a Meta- alliance of 100 odd members (two wings).

      Edit 2:Update on the final stats which we ended with:

      The most experienced heroes
      Hero Player Level Experience
      1. Teutonic Knight SaBz Lord Aslan 122 761652
      2. Theutates Thunder Hades Vintiliukas 105 566867
      3. Teutonic Knight Ron Jeremy pelly 93 446335
      4. Clubswinger Pahlavan MSZafar 88 400150
      5. Teutonic Knight Sham Sham 83 350792
      6. Clubswinger Gorzooloo Ala 83 349544
      7. Equites Caesaris Snow bear U.S.S.R. 73 274676
      8. Legionnaire Borgir Borgir 72 266838
      9. Paladin Deletion Assist Johnd 72 264847
      10. Teutonic Knight General Surena Armin 71 260482

      The most successful attackers
      Top 10defenderattacker
      Player Population Villages Points
      1. Natars 2496 16 2937552
      2. Lord Aslan 24805 29 901339
      3. Vintiliukas 24141 31 732729
      4. pelly 21199 29 446181

      The most successful defenders
      Top 10defenderattacker
      Player Population Villages Points
      1. Vintiliukas 24138 31 3520046
      2. Natars 2496 16 3452548
      3. Trill 21641 30 2066780
      4. Sallah El Din 16560 25 1538898
      5. Dreadnaught 29570 35 1418884
      6. Lord Aslan 24805 29 1093059

      The defence points were gained as a result of building a WW to lvl 98... our other wing beat us to lvl 100 :(

      The post was edited 2 times, last by Chris (Lord Aslan) ().

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    • i read the guide, and it seems pretty good. must have taken a ridiculously long time to compile though and the major flaw is where you say for those that dont have much time to play the game yet you state in the
      "what you need" section

      3. 3+ hours activity per day.

      definitely too much time on your hands if this is considered not playing it much
    • hfhno1 wrote:

      i read the guide, and it seems pretty good. must have taken a ridiculously long time to compile though and the major flaw is where you say for those that dont have much time to play the game yet you state in the
      "what you need" section

      3. 3+ hours activity per day.

      definitely too much time on your hands if this is considered not playing it much

      Compared to most top accounts, however, this is a very small amount of time. Many top accounts are now 24/7.
    • Cant argue with the detail and the time and effort that has obviously gone into the guide, however I wonder if it's possible in practice. It seems that builds must be continuous or always queued for the entire 5 months, so while it may in theory only require 3 hours of activity per day in total, this would be all different times of day which would need a rather flexible life indeed (particularly earlier on when build times are shorter). Not to mention it also assumes that you will never be attacked or raided, although I'm sure most people putting this guide into practice would be doing it around (-397|-398).

      Still, anywhere near those troops numbers by that stage of the game is pretty impressive.
    • Well tbh I've used the guide upto lvl 14 fields on loads of servers now- I'm yet to fall short. That part of the guide was what I'd had written up for when I could only log in twice a day... once in the morning and once at night. Simple means you need to make sure your granary is high enough to hold the res that accumilate over the time that your away. Instant build does come in very usefull :p

      And yes tbh, most 125%+ 15c's aren't close to the centre where all the raiding is taking place. As I said, one of the requirements for this strategy is the ability to use your initiative :)
    • hfhno1 wrote:

      A slight flaw is not having a life??

      A slight flaw is having a life maybe?

      If you read the guide then you would see it says

      Lord Aslan wrote:

      A couple of years ago when dualling was still illegal and I had very little time for travian I worked out a strategy that would allow me to build a large hammer [HL]even though i wasn't spending much time on the game[/HL]

      So you think not spending much time is spending a long time do you?

      Anyway on to the guide. Good guide Aslan. Hit's a few major points and will help those who don't know how to build a hammer propperly.


      hfhno1 wrote:

      3. 3+ hours activity per day.

      definitely too much time on your hands if this is considered not playing it much

      And now you show us you have hardly any knowlege of the game at all. 3+ hourse is long too you. I guess you go on for five minutes then go off?
    • Lord Aslan wrote:


      You obviously did not even read the guide. If you did... which part did you see that requires more than a couple of hours activity a day?

      Errr... maybe this one ?

      Lord Aslan wrote:

      What you need:

      1. 1200 + gold a month.
      2. An extensive knowledge of the game.
      3. 3+ hrs activity a day.
      4. Ability to use your Initiative

      Its a good guide and it will save time for people that cant be bothered to work out the correct build order from Kirilloid and other sources themselves. I think the important part that you gloss over is that to get your 15c quickly you need to raid a lot in that first couple of weeks. You will need to be very active indeed in the first few days or it just wont work
    • its a good guide. however, the critic is relevant. i cant see that this is a relevant guide for people who cant spend much time on the game...

      it would be interesting if you could make your position a bit clearer regardless of that criteria. the crucial question then would be: is it smart to prioritize the cropper as soon as you got it or should you keep the tempo up getting cps and new villages? thats an interesting question
    • MouthOfTGR wrote:

      it would be interesting if you could make your position a bit clearer regardless of that criteria. the crucial question then would be: is it smart to prioritize the cropper as soon as you got it or should you keep the tempo up getting cps and new villages? thats an interesting question

      If you weren't a heavy raider then there's no question that building up the cropper is a better strategy. If however your a heavy (top 10) raider on 3.6 then you may have your doubts.

      So lets compare which is the better strategy for a raider:

      15 days to found v2.

      At this stage you can expect to be raiding about 60k a day on a 3.6 server- being a top 10 raider.

      Academy in v2 = 20k res.
      Main Building = 7400 res.
      Town Hall = 4000 res.
      Party x2 = 40k res.

      Lets say you had a really good day's raiding and you managed to start your parties 24 hrs after founding v2.

      You'll then be wanting to build troops in v2 so you can start raiding there asap. So lets take the 20k res you have left after day 2 and build us some mace.

      20k res = 80 mace- as the new troops are being trained they'll go out raiding so we'll say they provide the res for barrack upgrades etc on day 2.

      Day 3, we can expect these 80 mace to bring in about 20k res of their own, so thats 40k res to build another 160 mace.

      Day 4, you'll stop training mace maybe - due to the rally point restrictions- and you'll upgrade your market place for some extra CP and build your residense to lvl 10.

      Day 5, You train your settlers

      6k cp needed for v3... 8 parties over the 5 days (after founding v2) over which period your two villages will have produced on average about 400 CP a day(being rediculously optimistic about raiding and being able to build a lot of CP producing buildings). Thats 2000 cp + 4000 which leaves you at 8000- perfect, now you found v3.

      Day 6, founding of vill 3 repeat everything that was done previously.

      You are now raiding 180k res a day. Will take another 6 days to before you have enough CP for v4.

      According to your theory upgrading the fields in all these vills would be best to I guess over these 6 days you can build all fields to lvl 6 with the reamining res raided after taking away costs for Parties etc? Probably possible lets see, maybe even more can be built.

      54 lvl 6 fields
      12 woodcutters = 93k res.
      12 Clay fields = 93k res.
      12 Iron mine's = 100k res.
      12 Wheat fields = 93k res.

      It looks like it should be possible to build your lvl 6 fields and found v4 6-7 days after founding v3.

      So day 27 of the server and you have your 4th village founded and you have a production of 3k an hour.

      Now all the resources it cost you to found v3 and v4 you could have used to build your fields to lvl 11 in the cropper giving you a production of 13k an hour. Let me prove it to you because your bound to think me rediculous:


      Day 1: 60k raided res to work with.
      Barracks lvl 8 = 16k res - 5k of which can easily be payed for by the troops trained from it during the day.
      200 mace = 50k res.

      So, after day 1 of the new vill you have 200 mace, and your raiding 50k res - similar to day 2 of the above strategy.

      Day2 - 110k raided res to work with.
      All fields lvl 1 to lvl 5 = 66k res.
      Lvl 6 fields = 49k res.
      Thats a total of 115k res... considering lvl 6 fields make 900 res an hour I think over the course of the day we can assume 5k res will have been produced.

      Day 3 - 110k res raided + 21k res produced by fields = 131k res to work with.

      Grain mill lvl 3 = 24k res.
      Lvl 7 fields = 82k

      24k res remaining- lets say 20k because we had to upgrade the warehouse etc.

      Day 4 - 110k res raided + 35k res produced by fields + 20k remainder= 165k res to work with.

      lvl 8 fields = 135k
      Mill lvl 4 = 15k res.

      Thats 150k res leaving 15k.

      Day 5 110k res raided + 55k res produced by fields + 15k remainder= 180k res to work with.

      One lvl 10 field = 40k
      Lvl 5 mill = 27k
      Lvl 3 Bakery = 31k
      5 lvl 9 fields = 76k res
      = 180k res aprox.

      Day 6 (the day you found v3)
      110k res raided, + 65k res produced by fields = 175k res to work with.

      9 lvl 9 fields = 132k
      lvl 7 Hero's Mansion = 45k

      Day 7
      110k Res Raided, + 90k res produced from fields = 200k res to work with.

      lvl 7-10 HM = 70k res.
      lvl 4 Bakery = 30k res.
      Leaves 100k res to replace troops lost on oases.

      Day 8
      110k Res Raided, 120k from res production = 230k res to work with.
      9 lvl 10 fields = 223k

      Day 9
      110k res Raided, 145k from res Production = 255k res to work with.

      6 lvl 10 fields = 152k
      Bakery lvl 4 = 54k
      1 lvl 11 field = 42k
      = 248k remainder can be used for warehouse upgrade etc.

      Day 10
      110k Res Raided, 170k from Res Production= 280k to work with.

      6 lvl 11 fields upgraded = 252k
      28k remaining

      Day 11
      110k res Raided, 200k res from Production + 28k remainder = 338k to work with.

      8 lvl 11 fields = 336k

      Day 12 (day you you found v4)
      110k Res Raided, 240k res from Production = 350k res to work with.

      1 lvl 11 field = 42k res.
      lvl 15 HM = 383k res. Borrow 3 hrs production from the next day lol and your left with:

      13100 res production.

      Lets compare shall we:

      Your Method: 4 villages, max 4k production.

      My Method: 2 villages, 13k production- from just the one village.

      I can continue to where you have 6 villages and I'm sitting with 4 villages and a 40k production if you wish?

      You see, my guide did not take into account 24/7 raiding. Your method of founding more villages instead is based on 24/7 raiding. As soon as I include 24/7 raiding into my guide... well you can see from the above what happens ;)
    • well, ok to sum it up, what you are saying: if you do not have a lot of time but you do have gold to spend and play the game with only one ressource you should prioritize getting the fields up before you think about new villages. if you raid a lot you can probably afford both?

      many of the top accounts (high pop/many villages/top raider) i have seen didnt prioritize the fields, but then these players were probably too antiquated in their gameplay, namely playing the game with wood, clay and iron as well. there were a few more things to it though:
      a) time is a limiting factor as well - many villages cost not ressources, but actually time to run those parties and collect those building cps too. time might be a limiting factor
      b) you dont want to build the off in the capital - so you can begin queing the catas earlier if you do not settle the capital as second village (in most cases you do not have a good croper beneath your starting village)
      c) and not at least: you might need extra villages for other purposes, for instance defence units in warfare

      all points which dont make your guide less valid, but should be taken into recognition, as they might occur frequently