Negative cropped

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    • Negative cropped


      I’m not sure if this is a glitch or it’s me being stupid but does negative crop prevent you from building more senators. I swear I’ve built some before with a negative crop yield. For me to build a senator I must increase my crop yield I can build settlers and troops but not the senators.

      Thanks for your answer beforehand
    • Hi thanks for the reply

      I have a granary filled with 320000 wheat and have built troops before no problem but I don’t understand why I can’t now I can still build other troops and buildings as I still have option to level up TS and MP and have enough resources for a senator. As I said before I can still que up more troops but just not been given option to build a senator.
    • Kimkinkip wrote:

      Hi yes I still have an expansion slot too that’s why I wanted to build it however I just opened up that expansion slot by chiefing one of my own villages with another village to give me a full 3 senators in this village
      Do you still have Palace at l20 in this village?
    • playingwithfire wrote:

      You can not build anything in a village unless you have positive wheat. If you already had troops queued before you went into negative wheat, they will continue to build..
      have you played travian before? :D

      You can train 2 senators with a residence L20, and 3 with a palace L20 provided you haven't already used those expansion slots for that village. If you have used them, then self chiefing from another village will free up the slot again. Crop doesn't come into it at all, as long as you have stock in the granary.
    • I'm assuming you're seeing the message:

      "Time until resources available: increase crop production"

      That doesn't mean that you can't build it! It just means that at the current rate, by the time your fields produce enough of the other 3 resources, you won't have enough wheat because of the negative. Of course, this is assuming you're not shipping in resources (which I assume you are). The "Time until" feature can be useful, but it's limited in scope because it can't predict whether you will ship in more resources, and how many. Try gathering up enough of all 4 resources, then see what it says.

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    • Sorry for late response yes I have a lvl 20 palace free slot resources pumping in, their was a glitch in the game due to the slot becoming open only recently (i chiefed my own village) on advice from multi hunters a cleared my cookies and I could build again. Never happened to me before I knew it was a glitch cause I could still build high level buildings as well as other troops.

      Thanks for all those who replied with help