Summer Postcards Event

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    • Summer Postcards Event

      Dear Community,

      Some of you might not know what a postcard is, but long time ago it was a nice way to send memories of your trip to your friends.

      Why not send us a postcard connected with Travian: Legends (a palace, a residence, a castle, a grainmill, or …) from your holidays or your home town:

      Travian: Legends
      c/o Travian Games GmbH
      Wilhelm-Wagenfeld-Straße 22
      80807 München

      Below here you see an example:

      Do not forget to write your forum account name and your domain in your postcard, so that we can assign you the prize! And what will be this prize?

      Every participant will receive 100 Gold.

      This map shows you where we have received postcards from so far.

      Note: the postcards should reach us latest on 1st October 2018.

      We can’t wait to see your postcards and hang them in the Travian: Legends office!

      Your Travian Team