Artifacts spawn in a 200x200 map

    • Templar Knight wrote:

      Yeah I posted this a few days ago......
      Yet when it was pointed out that it would be impossible to keep the exact same spawns (some small being outside the map) you wrote this:

      Templar Knight wrote:

      There is ongoing discussion about this behind the scenes so any feedback you all want to add into this thread I will make sure goes on my report for this week come Monday.

      Also to help clarify it is 401x401 for the new map size.

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    • Ok my lazy fellas, let me solve your dilemma here :P Arties like confusion and architect usually stays longer on the map - which means they'll be there in the .sql file, and .sql files are updated in GT. Anyways, paying a visit to gt - it does indeed show that small archi did spawn beyond 200 radius - let's call it something else that TG forgot to program about. For those who don't know :P Natars spawned with negligible def at the artifacts since only top 100 hammers form gaul/teuton/romans were calculated when everyone was playing huns or eypgtians
      Here are some coordinates that were in gt:
      ( 126|-159 ) Large Eyes
      ( -75|237 ) Small ARchi
      ( -56|124 ) small confu

      ( 80|110 ) small confu

      ( -163|80 ) large confu
      ( -235|66 ) small archi
      ( 235|-66 ) small archi

      ( 221|-108 ) Small boots
      ( -80|-110 ) small confu
      ( 191|-197 ) Small archi

      Travian map being like donut ( I believe wishmaster's reference) - would mean that boonies spawned all the artifacts and being along the coordinates of 200 - you could be close to a lot of the small artifacts from all 4 quadrants

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    • The fact that we don't have an answer about this is rather disturbing. This is certainly something that should have come up when coding the new map size, so there should be a readily available answer to copy and paste.

      First it is impossible for the original spawn spiral to function as is since some go beyond the 200 mark.

      Second if the spawn on the edge simply condenses with no other changes they will be a lot of Arti depth in the "boonies" and encourage people to settle out there, which begins to defeat the purpose of a smaller map.
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