The Final Countdown

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    • The Final Countdown

      First of all congratulations to all the players active on the server that have made it this far. We are now in the final stages of the game as both metas are eagerly awaiting the countdown timer to reach zero to acquire the world wonder construction plans.

      Keeping this thread reserved for ww levels and reports. And to see which team has what it takes to lay the final stone of the world wonder.

      The server has not been the most active by a long shot just active enough for two great metas to emerge and do battle. EFF, God's and SE VS Gunners,Arm,thp and henved.

      Nail by nail construction workers will be busy building and assembling enormous world wonders under the constant onslaught of fearless warriors.

      Good luck all, time to see who can bring home the bacon :thumbup:
      Who am I ? !
      I'm Batman.