15 Cropper tool fix

    • 15 Cropper tool fix

      Hello everyone,

      it seems that Bryan H's 15 cropper tool is somehow broken.

      I know there are many out there who uses his tool, so I'm sharing how to see it despite not currently working properly! :)
      DISCLAIMER: I'm not the owner of this tool nor do I have anything to do with the developer of this tool!

      First of all if you don't know what I'm talking about, This is the tool:

      It tells you how exactly you should build your 15 or 9 cropper up for getting most out of your resources while also getting highest possible production.

      Link: http://z5.ifrm.com/30491/40/0/p1206338/cropcalcT44.html

      note: directly opening the link will just give you the file, copy pasting into a new tab will show you the empty site I'm talking about.

      What is broken and why?

      Display Spoiler

      It seems that the site is not showing properly and instead of showing the site one just gets a file.

      This probably happened because the developer updated the site, but forgot to put a " . " between p1206338 and html.

      This caused the page to not load properly and what was sent to us, was instead in form of a file.

      How to fix?

      You just have to place the " . " between p1206338 and html and open the file with a browser.

      In case you don't exactly know how to do that, I'll post a little video showing you how:


      Hope this was helpful and have a good day :thumbup: