Mesut Özil

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    • If you had gotten Suarez or Higuain, you'd have never been able to splash the money out for Ozil..

      I'd much rather have Ozil over them two forwards either way, as Giroud is turning out to be quality.

      Sadly, I am a United fan. *stares at our transfers and cries*
      When you play the game of travian, you either win or you die.
    • Carrothead wrote:

      Ozil is probably twice as productive as Bale and half the price. Don't know if Arsenal or Spurs did Madrid over more.

      Couldn't happen to a nicer team. I don't like the way Real does business, and for once it really looks like they got mugged by both of us.
    • A good signing. But a wrong one in my eyes.

      They've strengthened their already strongest position. While leaving their defence woefully short of numbers.
      Having only three centre backs, one of whom tears a muscle every time he gets out of bed, is not good enough for a title challenging side.
      And the fact that they had to cancel Bendtner's transfer on account of having no one else.... Says it all.

      If they can avoid any suspensions or injuries throughout the season, they'll do well. But when does that ever happen?
      Especially with the "overworked" muscles of Merterlamppost, Koscielny, Ramsey, Wilshere, Giroud.

      I can really see them tailing off over the Christmas period. Chelsea and City can make 11 changes for each of the 10 games over 30 days. Arsenal don't have that luxury...

      £40million odd would have been better spent on Bony, Sakho, and a utility defender of your choice, with enough change left over to restock the sweets in Wenger's mystery van....
    • septimus ii wrote:

      No posts laughing at Brazil or praising Germany yet? Although I did notice Ozil missing a nearly open goal

      You did well to notice him at all.
      This post was brought to you by "Mr Fantastic"

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      Let me guess, some kind of funny joke?
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      In your dreams Sunshine xx