[UK] Travian 4.4/Legends Changelog

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  • T4.4 (Seamonkey) Patch – 41.1 (3228)

    Bug Fixes:
    All Versions:
    TRAIVBXXIV-4972 - One Map tile was replaced to make the map more consistent
    TRAIVBXXIV-5042 - IE11: Some elements within the game and ACP are not clickable
    TRAIVBXXIV-4181 - Market place: Send resources: Incorrect number of available merchants for some players
    TRAIVBXXIV-4971 - Alliance: Player can't check another alliance profile if his favourite tab in the alliance is the forum
    TRAIVBXXIV-4974 - Statistical Numbers on the Plus, General tabs graphs are missing
    TRAIVBXXIV-4789 - Translation: RTL: Ratio in some areas is not displayed according to the guidelines
    TRAIVBXXIV-4962 - Map: RTL: Full screen coordinates not visible
    TRAIVBXXIV-4904 - Reports: No troop images and names in the battle report after defender's account is deleted or turned into Natar

    Fire and Sand only:
    TRAIVBXXIV-5018 - Annual Special 2017: Treasury: Wrong (RoA) description for treasury

    T4.4 (Seamonkey) Release – 48 (3237)

    Bug Fixes:
    All Versions:
    TRAIVBXXIV-4056 Quests: Train three settlers quest cannot be completed in some cases
    TRAIVBXXIV-5086 Trapper: resource icons are missing from the description
    TRAIVBXXIV-4019 Rally point: Troops accompanied by chiefs/senators/chieftains disappear for unknown reason

    Status: Approved
    with downtime(~15 to ~45 Minutes)

    15.11.2017 ~09:00 GMT -- UK
    CM mhudson
    Community Manager
    Travian: Legends US/UK


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  • T4.4 Adventures Patch 8


    • Early game tasks were rearranged to improve the early game
    The changes are in the category Battle:
    Quests 8 and 9 (10 Adventures and Auctions) are moved behind 14 (Upgrade Units)
    Quest 13 (Smithy) is moved behind 11 (Academy)
    The order of the tasks in category Battle should then be:
    Next Adventure
    Cranny 1
    Adventure 5
    Barracks 1
    Fighting Strength
    Build 2 Troops
    Earth Wall / City Wall / Palisade / Stone Wall / Makeshift Wall
    Attack Oasis
    Barracks 3
    Academy 1
    Smithy 1
    Research Troops
    Upgrade Units
    10 Adventures
    • The Quest reward for Grain Mill now grants resources
    The old reward was upgrade the Grain Mill to lvl 2. It was creating confusion for some players, as you couldn't get the reward if you already upgraded the Mill to lvl 2 or higher. The new upgrade grants resources:
    Wood: 900
    Clay: 790
    Iron: 685
    Crop: 2230
    This is the same as the cost of upgrading the Mill to lvl 2.
    • Improved the text for the residence/palace/command center
    • Huns and Egyptians are now shown first in the troop overview together with the other player tribes

    • Trade routes are not starting
    • Fatal error in the quest system
    • World end message is always displayed in English on Italian server if a different language was selected in-game
    • Blue outline does not disappear after expanding/minimizing info box or hero box
    • Low res: Short instructions: Prerequisites are not displayed in the correct position for troops
    • RTL: Low res: map button is overlapping one of the coordinate search boxes
    • RTL: Map: The percentage on the zoom level and cropper finder are displayed in LTR format
    • GTL: Text in E-Mail is outdated and misleading
    • Wonder Of The World has several display issues
    • Backslash will be displayed as ?92 when used in village name

    Startpage fixes:
    • Login: Can't login with the email before having selected a tribe
    • Deleted accounts are mentioned in "forgot gameworld"-email
    • Estonian and Latvian players are redirected to Lithuanian main page and forum
    This update will be applied to all UK server on Dec 12 2017 at 12:00 GMT(server time).

    It is possible that you could experience some downtime in the range of 15 to 45 minutes.

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