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      Hi there. There will be an update installed on Travian worlds soon

      with downtime (~5 to ~20 Minutes)

      20.09.2018 ~09:20 am UTC+1 Path to Pandora server
      25.09.2018 ~9:00 am UTC+1 (all gameworlds)

      T4.4 (hotdog) Release 141 (3654)

      Fixed bugs:

      TRAIVBXXIV-6162 Alliance bonus culture points are now displayed separately in the statistics.
      TRAIVBXXIV-6019 If players forward reinforcements, the game will no longer stay on the same page (filter or page are not reset).
      TRAIVBXXIV-6195 New building images have been added.
      TRAIVBXXIV-6315 The incorrect behavior of items when being equipped on a hero has been fixed.
      TRAIVBXXIV-5779 Rally Point, Marketplace, Map: It is now possible to paste both coordinates together again.
      TRAIVBXXIV-6301 Alliance medal images are now displayed again.
      TRAIVBXXIV-6304 The quest to train 3 settlers is now correctly marked as finished when you settle before it is shown as finished.
      TRAIVBXXIV-6255 Mobile: Village or oasis info page can now be opened in high resolution again through the map.
      TRAIVBXXIV-6210 Map: Confederacy or NAP markings are now displayed correctly.
      TRAIVBXXIV-5754 Misaligned buttons in Firefox have been fixed.
      TRAIVBXXIV-6207 Town Hall: Small celebrations now show the right amount of CP.
      TRAIVBXXIV-6201 Marketplace: Error when exchanging resources has been fixed.
      TRAIVBXXIV-6223 IE11: Win7: Dorf2: Buildings are clickable again.

      epic-TRAIVBXXIV-5154 190.1 (3658) (Path To Pandora Release)

      TRAIVBXXIV-6150 - Edge cases when report says that loyalty was lowered from lower to higher number should be prevented.
      TRAIVBXXIV-6301 - Alliance Medals images are now being displayed again.
      TRAIVBXXIV-6304 - Train 3 settler Quest will now be correctly marked as finished when you settle before it is shown as available quest.
      TRAIVBXXIV-6309 - Statistics 2.0: Icons can be misaligned for translated text.
      TRAIVBXXIV-6314 - Village statistics: Troops: Own troops: if player has more than one village, the order of the villages changes when refresh.
      TRAIVBXXIV-6313 - Overloaded database causes lagging on game server.
      TRAIVBXXIV-6321 - AS2018: Incorrect troop speed in the conquered villages.
      TRAIVBXXIV-6258 - Confederacy: Forum: invited alliance doesn't see the confederacy forum (Forum tab)
      TRAIVBXXIV-6266 - Statistics: Opening Alliance tab will show an empty page, even if there are several alliances in the server
      TRAIVBXXIV-6273 - AS2018: Marketplace: Trade routes: Wrong estimation of needed merchants
      TRAIVBXXIV-6275 - AS2018: Village overview: Troops change tribe depending which village is selected
      TRAIVBXXIV-6255 - Mobile: Cannot open village or oasis info page through map in high res

      When you contact me via PM, please, send your messages in English.