"Delete all reports" button

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    • "Delete all reports" button

      As the title says, I want a "delete all reports" button. Reports older than 7 days are deleted automaticly. I assume this is because of server constraints?

      We currently have 200 pages worth of reports, and will probably end up with 400 or so before the week is over. I dislike having the "99+" number on the reports tab and would like to delete all reports when online. This takes a lot of time doing manually. Isn't it a win - win making a delete all button?
    • You can filter them by green attack reports and clear page by page but I agree it takes time and is a pain.

      I still prefer the old t3 farm lists that had the value of the resources stolen from a farm offset against troop losses so that your list could be ordered by profitability. Can we have that back?

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