[uk5] Restart

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  • [uk5] Restart

    Dear players,

    our server UK5 will restart on <b>Friday, 5th August</b> at 5am UK time as a normal Travian 4.4 server.

    Please note that mid and endgame times have changed.

    Pre-registration is now open.

    Your Travian Team UK
    <center><b>Don't let a bot ruin your game:</b>
    * 157439 troops have been deleted.
    * 8406 building levels have been deleted
    * 1344368 resources have been deleted
    <i>(recent example of a punishment for using externals)</i></center>
    <center>Questions about T4? Check our <a href="http://t4.answers.travian.co.uk/"><b>Answers page</b></a></center>