Birthday special Beta server open

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  • Birthday special Beta server open

    Dear players,

    the beta-version test world for this year's annual special "The Rise of Alliances" has started today.

    You can register your account here.

    The address of this beta server is

    Some specifics:

    - The version is built based on Scattered Empire (regions, region unlocking, no WW end condition but fixed run time (200 days), and so forth)
    - but the VP generation is rebalanced: for example, if region has really good artefact, it produces less VPs.
    - Alliance bonuses - players contribute resources in order to power up their alliance bonuses. The bonuses are pretty powerful and vary a lot.
    - Boosted start - each player starts with boosted-up village, 100 gold and ability to found 2 new villages right away.
    - No items - there are no auctions, no adventures, no silver and no items.

    Make sure to check it out and help us find and fix the last bugs before the big release soon!

    <center><b>Don't let a bot ruin your game:</b>
    * 157439 troops have been deleted.
    * 8406 building levels have been deleted
    * 1344368 resources have been deleted
    <i>(recent example of a punishment for using externals)</i></center>
    <center>Questions about T4? Check our <a href=""><b>Answers page</b></a></center>