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    • Server Awards

      Server Awards

      IGN (single or dual-account): Matsya Nyaya, solo account

      Your Set-up and Achievements: Defensive with a few scouts. My best achievment is beating my phalanx PB and peaking at 368k phalanx and over 400k defence. I'm also pleased I avoided the temptation to carry on building offense after arte's since that usually ends in very late nights feeding a hungry hammer.

      Alliance: SWM

      Best Alliance (Not your own): That's easy; LC.

      Best Player on the Server: A toss up between Hyggestuen, Antihypocondriact (sp?)

      Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: I can't decide between Ouija for such a huge off score or Big Bell for the eye watering number of rams.

      Best Opponent: Ra9. The only player to actually try it on with the plans I held and try a hero fake. And it worked. Sorry I made your hero walk home though ;) Antihypocondriact also gave me my only real of the server! :heart:

      Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: The Godfather. Toni and the teams' ability pleasantly surprised me, not only in managing defence and food in 2+ different villages (which was made easier with the diet) but compared to other servers, I barely lost any troops to starvation. Even when the diet was deactivated, troops were nearly always fed and then some.

      Best Leader (Your own): Alin. Not only for his planning, but for his and Nem's potentially record breaking EC numbers which they trained alongside running the alliance. Considering uk19, I never though I'd be writing this :horse: we had our rather verbal disagreements that round but he put that aside this round and welcomed me in to SWM with open arms.

      Best Leader (Not your own): The better half of the Angel X dual. LC wouldn't be LC without her! Also came out with a larger hammer than expected too, so nice work in keeping that going as well.

      Stupidest Decision: Not starting day 1.

      Most Underrated: A43. For such a young player, he took on an lot and didn't disappoint :) a great player with a great attitude.

      Best Noob: HeWhoDaresWins. They dared to send their WWk to two WW's. We got the infantry and rams (iirc) and someone else got the cavalry and catapults. It was a rather unique moment when I saw both reports.

      Most Overrated: I want to say Max on the basis I was convinced there was a mega wwk hidden. I scouted nearly every village and oasis and found nothing 'mega', though I forget what the end hammer was - so this may overly harsh criticism.

      Soundtrack to your server: Sash - Ecuador. And before you say it, I don't care if I'm too young to remember Sash.
      "It’s only when the tide goes out that you see who was swimming naked."

      #MakeTravianGreatAgain #MTGA

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    • IGN (single or dual-account): Antihüpohondrik. Single, forever alone...

      Your Set-up and Achievements: Off. Zeroed Nemris WW.

      Alliance: LC

      Best Alliance (Not your own): SWM

      Best Player on the Server: Antihü... I mean, Ouija because of that nice hammer.

      Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Me. I rock! And I'm very offensive.

      Best Opponent: The two people who attacked me with reals. One was Matsy Nyatsy or something. And that other player too...

      Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Never needed any def so I don't really know much about LC def players. They were all good, probably.

      Best Leader (Your own): Angel x, aka the Führer.

      Best Leader (Not your own): Whoever was in charge of SWM.

      Stupidest Decision: Lost some 1500 catas due to starvation. That was stupid.

      Most Underrated: No idea.

      Best Noob: I think this term is offensive, derogatory and borderline racist. So I will not answer. But maybe somebody from Fox. A lot of noobs there.

      Most Overrated: Most likely somebody from Fox.

      Soundtrack to your server: Sash! - Adelante
    • I shouldn't post here, hardly played this server.

      but whatever cant let crunchie cry himself to sleep tonight got to liven the place up

      IGN (single or dual-account): Dragonknight, dual. Like I played for about 3-4 weeks, explained to my dual it was the best simming tribe and did some crannies and that lot, also decided to join fox since every one else in the quad had already done so.. Pfft.

      Your Set-up and Achievements: haha, I made the fox leaders annoyed, cos I told them how to play the game. And they didn't like it. Bunch of noobs if you asked me. Well bunch of noobs if you got eyes, but whatever, I offered my help, would have been different story perhaps if they'd accepted.. Whatever.

      Alliance: FOX. First and last time I do that :D

      Best Alliance (Not your own): SWM Probably. LC are also prettty decent imo. Don't know who else played. I know when I was planning stuff, it was like Ok we could attack SWM but they'd probably mess us up and kick the crap out of us, our allies are fox anyway so yeah we should attack LC cos they will be less inclided to whoop are asses.. >.> Didn't happen anyway. Screw fox.

      Best Player on the Server: IDK that guy from SWM Who always posts stuff that is less literate than me probably deserves a shout, or a medal for doing all this stuff while retired.. or he should just sort his damn life out. whatever he cant have my nomonation on the grounds hes a wuss who always complains about how travian ruins his life.. man up.
      SO for this award has to be hyggestuen, always impressed by him, guy deserves a lot of respect for his game.

      Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Me. Despite not sending a single attack all server, probably still the best. I mean cmon. FOx cant organise a piss up at a brewery, not even if every one was already at the brewery and there was beer there too.. I mean its a brewery. They'd probably have a chat for ages and then decide on wine glasses (dull).
      Nah seriously has to be hygestuen, not that his competition is that much, far as I can see hes the only one from fox.

      Best Opponent: Fox leaders. Definately.

      Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: My dual. Very cautious. manged to get rank 1 pop, played defensively.. Pretty nice.

      Best Leader (Your own): Me. Conviced Im the only one who i can respect enough to lead me. The others just either don't lead. or Don't lead.. There is a few though.. whatever there was not a leader that I followed this server worhty of my respect. Sorry.

      Best Leader (Not your own): LC captain. I like them because they are consistently good/average. Whatever. SWM probably deserves it, but thats what every one will say so I'll just be hipster and say LC.

      Stupidest Decision: Playing this damn server as gauls. and thinking I would sim. And joining fox. maybe writing this post. Didn't even play.

      Most Underrated: SWM leaders, honestly thought they might be noobs, I re assessed.. Maybe fox is kinda underated, I mean compared to my standards of play, they suck. but compared to like your average uk ally, like some are really really bad. So its importantt that we don't rate fox too harshly, they get the job done.. Its like getting breakfast from tesco or something, like I prefer my fry ups from the ritz.. :ahoy:

      Best Noob: m'dual. Cos if we're insulting some one might aswell be him. Probably He who dares wins, for that hammer. Also like fox, fox in general did a lot of things that were noob. So yeah.

      Most Overrated: LC, I expected a lot more in terms of armies etc from them.. Like didn't expect fox to do anything. but expected LC to at least be able to go toe to toe with SWM.. That said didn't think SWM would be that strong either.

      Soundtrack to your server: Sound of silence.. Cos I didn't realy play at all (mm)
      Carlsberg, is a weak beer.

    • FYI - "Best Noob" was never a category traditionally used for insulting people. It was used to highlight the achievements of players that were new to the game, that had gone above and beyond what was expected of them. Eg, maybe a player new to the game built 300k def, or got 750k attack points, etc. So not groundbreaking stuff, until you realise they learnt on the spot.
      A proud member of the CF leadership - Boots.

      "I don't have my head up my own arse, I actually am amazing" - Darkwing Duck. :ahoy:
    • Trouble wrote:

      Maybe fox is kinda underated, I mean compared to my standards of play, they suck. but compared to like your average uk ally, like some are really really bad. So its importantt that we don't rate fox too harshly, they get the job done.. Its like getting breakfast from tesco or something, like I prefer my fry ups from the ritz.. :ahoy:

      I'd have thought that you and Fox would get on like a house on fire! Personally I like my fry ups with good coffee, friendly service, fair-trade bacon, and staff on the living wage.

      Bloated Fish wrote:

      FYI - "Best Noob" was never a category traditionally used for insulting people. It was used to highlight the achievements of players that were new to the game, that had gone above and beyond what was expected of them. Eg, maybe a player new to the game built 300k def, or got 750k attack points, etc. So not groundbreaking stuff, until you realise they learnt on the spot.

      I always approached that question by looking at the biggest 'what the heck' moment and giving it to that person. But if what you mention is in fact the criteria, then I'd give it to A43 too, though he's not what I consider to be a traditional 'noob'.
      "It’s only when the tide goes out that you see who was swimming naked."

      #MakeTravianGreatAgain #MTGA
    • IGN (single or dual-account): Ouija - Dual Acc - Nem & Alin.

      Your Set-up and Achievements: Offensive. Smashy and WWK.. Achievements - Top raider, 17 consecutive golds. Top server attacker 962994, top hero lvl 227 xp 1295970. First WWK fired and we zeroed Fox WW.

      Alliance: SWM

      Best Alliance (Not your own): I'll go for LC as well

      Best Player on the Server: My dual, Alin (it says player - not account)

      Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Again, I want to say Alin :D Left alone, I will raid and raid, but I knew when we hooked up he would change that.

      Best Opponent: Giving it to Octavian. He didnt last the course, but the final moves he made had us on the back foot. Cleverly chiefed the Unique AA village, and was within 30 mins of a hero collecting it and whisking it away when we took it back. Also should have stolen a small diet from us (SWM), had someone not failed to collect the one he had already (long story involved there i'm sure) Was a shame he was not supported more by Fox leadership, you let a good one go. I hope to play with him on my side one day.

      Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Giving it to Steve, Black Mamba. Considering he was not a WW holder, those 1mil plus def points are nice. He had Fox after Fox after Fox coming at him. He repaired, annoyed and defended well :P (tho I'm still not too sure what you did to p*ss Fox off so much Steve :D)

      Best Leader (Your own): Alin again. Despite retirement, lol, he kept us moving as an alliance. He might not be everyones cup of tea, but i cant fault what he does and I have enjoyed my time as a dual.

      Best Leader (Not your own): I'll go for Angel X. Have personally never had any communications with LC leadership, but I admire the perseverance there with the alliance and they are only getting stronger.

      Stupidest Decision: Killing some of our WWK troops raiding our own villages, completely my fault :mad:. Could have had a lot more troops..

      Most Underrated: Hmm, I'm giving this to Ash.. They were strangers, playing on their own pretty much after the demise of DT. Until they joined SWM. The guys were never afraid to use their hammers, stole a few artes, and secured a Large Architects for SWM WW. Rick and Aram (bow)

      Most Overrated: Hygg maybe. not overrated per say, but I guess we expected better from the end hammer. Expected more from our own too tho, so, us as well :P

      Special Mention: Camber. Again a stranger, settled next to us late, but worked his ass off for the team. Was a pleasure.

      Soundtrack to your server: Justin Beiber - Love Yourself :dodgy:
    • thx so much Nem for the kind words... same goes for Hawk and for trouble that in his own twisted words nominated me ("that guy" ;))

      I had a great team behind me that worked so hard to dominate this server... from lowest acc to our leaders. I am happy that our players followed my lead and exceeded all my expectation.

      Not sure what to say about the off players in other quads... the lack of reps in forum says it all... I haven`t been impressed with any of the attacks before or after WW... not a great planing on acad usage, not a great planing in the attacks we saw...

      In deff again I am not sure... unfortunately after smashing DC and clearing the quad before artefacts, our off slowed down and due to time management couldnt plan ops against FOX and LC... in the WW race they had good enough nr to withstand our battering and not be 0ed (apart fox that had both their ww 0ed by us)

      SWM attacked and deff very well when they had to... this being mirrored in the off and deff points (more than 3 mil off points and more than 7 mil deff points compare with 2nd placed)

      I know that Nem nominated Steve in black mamba as best defer. but he was an off player and he did very nice in both smashy and ww departments... amongst many other he stole unique diet from fox, got a construction plan for WW and smashed a good amount of levels from LC WW.

      as defers we had so many (even our acc managed to build over 100k praet) but I have to nominate Camber that had his anvil killed so many times in steve`s acc and everywhere it was needed... by far our most active and dedicated defer. Amongst our top defers it was hawk in Matsya nyaya acc and ivanthered.

      in regards with leadership... All our leaders worked exemplary to make sure the ally is working as a well maintain war machine. I would like to give a special mention to Jo in Akela acc... She helped in main ally and in wing nonstop... great player and character.

      About the rest prob LC has a good understanding of how an ally should be structured and have any vision about what to do for a successful ww race, altho not very impressed with their hammers...

      Most underrated for me was A43 (he was the rammer that cleared the wall in front of our WWK when we 0ed fox main ww)... I had doubts to even put him on acad list to share, thinking he is going to waste the acad time and have nothing in the end... he proved me so wrong when I finally found out his troops nrs... beside this he`s been a super sitter for the WW during day and night time... never in a million years I would have guessed this at the begging of the server when I had a chat with him and I wasn`t even sure if I should keep him in ally.

      most overrated for me is Fox... everyone in server was expecting so much from them after not having any conflict in quad (they got everyone in) and not being attacked by other quads... they got the WW so early making a statement that they mean business and in the end was nothing but hot air.

      Best raider I have ever seen is Nem... she smashed the raiding nrs in many occasions raiding more than top allies with all their players combined... unbelievable hard worker in the acc... our acc would have been nowhere near where it was if not for Nem`s amazing work... don`t want another dual lol (sorry steve :P )... If I am to ever play again will not start a server without knowing Nem is in the acc...

      well at least this is how I see this server now at the end.
      UK 5 - Hawkeye
      UK 19 - The 3 stooges

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    • L.C. player here. Just want to give props to Ra9 and Xades, who I believe to be the real MVPs/unsung heroes of our campaign. Ohwell was our best attacker (closely followed by that guy from Estonia). Dixie Diva and Mroworth (an incredibly handsome and bright fella!) also deserve credit for their support in defence.

      Great campaign, hope to have another good server shortly!
      S1 - Chronos
      S2 - WIM
      Puzzled Converter - Battle reports Travian
      I also put most of the work in for this: Converter - Battle reports Travian (thanks for leaving siege at home).

      "And firstly I have never met anyone but you that can play a whole server without buying gold" Ben (happy) 13/2/18
    • Ya_dun_goofed wrote:

      I see, Angel, Nem, Alin, and Hawkery are all still around. I'm beginning to think you guys will be here until TG shuts the servers down.

      Angel is actually part of the furniture, despite only being a few years older than me.
      "It’s only when the tide goes out that you see who was swimming naked."

      #MakeTravianGreatAgain #MTGA