[Rise of Alliances] Feedback

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    • [Rise of Alliances] Feedback

      Hey Folks

      So some of you might already have started playing RoE.

      What are your first thoughts? What features do you miss from a normal T4.4 server (if any)

      Have you any suggestions or ideas that i can feed back to HQ
      CM mhudson
      Community Manager
      Travian: Legends US/UK


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    • I pondered for a while whether I wanted this feedback to go direct, but in the end I'll put it here for others to see as well.

      I'm a leader in Dynasty, the #1 alliance. Sadly I won't be playing much longer, to the disappointment of some of my alliance to be losing one of their leaders so soon.

      Given that it's a new concept for me, I wanted to play for a while before I bought gold. What I found is that early game so strongly favours gold users that I knew I couldn't possibly compete without spending a fortune. The fully-tiled spawn village throws out res so fast that because you're building low-level buildings that cost almost nothing, the warehouse and granary overflow non-stop before you can possibly use the resources. This means you either watch those red bars sitting there, or create enormously long troop queues, or insta-gold your buildings to completion. Obviously, the people who choose the latter will be miles, and miles, and miles ahead, within the first few days. We already have people who've settled their v4, and while I've been rather lackadaisical in my play compared with usual, I can see that "steady fast pace" settling without gold use will be at least 3-4 days behind the gold users. On a vanilla server, there just isn't that much advantage, and in fact I know one of the fastest settlers on UK1 did so without buying gold.

      I thought it was just me who found the res flood a nagging issue, until two other members PM'd me to say they were quitting because of the lack of a challenge. An odd complaint yes! - too much res - but it has knock-on effects. Farming is pointless in early game (ok, so this might be good). You can essentially play around the clock, as you'll not be waiting on resources when something completes building. This is a recipe for burning out very quickly. And if you make a poor choice on build order, it won't matter - you'll still have plenty of resources to continue (compare to vanilla - you need to plan carefully how you will spend your resources - it is part of the challenge). The sheer number of inactive players surrounding us, teeming with res for the taking, I can see being an issue as players expand into their 5th & 6th villages. The attraction of creating dummy farms will be irresistible to underhand players.

      Some discussion about RoA has come up in our UK1 alliance room too and I've heard from a few other players in there. One player thinks it's great, as he has a very organised alliance with clear plans on how to dominate certain areas for the bonuses. This part I could see being really interesting, and others who played on Scattered Empire liked that it was different to usual servers. What our alliance looked like they'll struggle with is aspects requiring cooperation to achieve. In any alliance you tend to have perhaps half that works as a team, and by default the rest sort of... do their own thing. In RoA it seemed to be more like 20 vs 80%, since almost nobody really understood how the regions worked and the learning curve is rather steep.

      Reaction to the oldschool hero has been mixed. Plenty are quite happy with it (me included) and even perfectly fine with a lack of auction house. The speed changer and the ease of switching hero points are well-liked. There has been some disappointment at no adventures. Even when it's been pointed out that you couldn't find and use hero items, it seems people like to go on mystery tours :D so perhaps a hybrid would work where you found only resources and troops on adventure.

      I'll post more if I hear more on the grapevine.
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    • Thanks for the honest feedback Elisa. I will pass it on to HQ. Dont worry about it seeming negitive as they want your honest feelings and thoughts not something canned to make them feel good.

      Please keep the feedback coming as the game runs, all feedback is usefull.
      CM mhudson
      Community Manager
      Travian: Legends US/UK

    • I have to agree with a lot of what was said above.

      I'd like to greatly reiterate the fact that gold-users have a huge advantage in this game mode.

      Ofcourse, I understand that naturally gold-users should have an advantage but I feel as though in RoA the gap for the beginning of the game is huge. As Elisa said above, non-gold users have to wait for construction times whereas the instant construction gold feature is greatly abused due to the overflowing res income.

      I think something that could improve this is if all res tiles are set a little lower than 10, perhaps 7 or 8 would work better.
    • Elisa makes some interesting points about gold use, though I found it didn't require a ton of gold to gold up storage - that said I'm use to spending a fair bit, so to me a low amount could be a lot to others. Perhaps giving players higher storage to begin with, so that instead of focusing on storage and overflowing, they can start building barracks, market, acadamy etc solving two issues - first, preventing too much overflow, curbing the increased advantage to gold users, but also keeping people hooked a little bit longer since there's something to come back for in 10 minutes (a lvl 20 MB might help with that too). Though that does throw the taskmaster off, I think it might help keep people occupied and prevent an urge to blow gold on a lvl 1 warehouse. I'd prefer that to lowering the field levels since that would only add to the delay of settling v4.

      While the lack of hero adventures and first village with lvl 10 fields was a shock in trying to navigate a new start-game strategy on the fly, it was also enjoyable facing a new challenge. I also find the pace refreshing since my spare time has greatly decreased, though I can see it frustrating more active players. I guess my thoughts there are give people more oases to raid :horse: though that doesn't necessarily solve it for everyone else lol.

      The lack of adventures probably took the longest to get use to. I had no idea how I'd get hero xp until I realised the aim always has been for a hero to kill things :D which has forced me to train more troops early on than I usually would (since I favour economy over troops in the early days) and got me hitting oases. But having some riding cavalry to play with is prooving fun. Perhaps an adventure system where you can get xp, and res or troops would be interesting, though I like the fact I'm forced out my comfort zone and have to play different if I want a competitive hero to send to my cap for a res boost.

      The one area I'm looking forward to watching unfold the most is how alliances manage with second wings that are fully intending to be competitive and claim VP since alliances can't combine VP and will essentially be competing with one another. I'm not sure if this was tackled last uk19 and it's not really relevent to ROA, but even when the game is designed for solo alliances, wings still pop up. Maybe there are ways round this to transfer VP / show combined totals, though then it becomes a meta race which could put people off. Just some extra thoughts.
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    • Another player: This is going to be awesome! Regions! Resources! Sounds excellent! :)
      Followed by: OMG! I spawned on some tiny island in the middle of a bunch of big guys who started days ago, I've got nobody to raid and I'm helpless. :(
      Then: Who's playing on the next one? I want to play on the next one, let me know and I'll play with you.

      ...at least he was willing to give it a try next time. This is good.
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    • An FAQ or at-least some form of detailed information would be nice. Most of the articles available give very vague information and there are some elements which are completely ambiguous. I spent ages trying to find the formula for the gold cost of transferring troops (still not sure if it's the right one) and we have no clue if Chief's can be moved and if they can - how that will work with Chiefing slots etc.
    • I like that the cauldron has gone and also that the hero adventures have gone. Still don't like that you are locked into the period where raiding isn't allowed, the option to skip should be there.
      Raiding oases is annoying and too often unprofitable in the early stages. The setbacks can be enough to make it not worth the hassle, so putting effort into raiding early doors can seem pointless.
      Love the new start up with the part built village, settlers and a bit of gold. It gets your game going - the last time I played a server I played for an hour or so and then there was nothing to do. Every time I logged in I'd build one field or building and then nothing. Totally boring and I quit. This system gives you a game to play in the early stages.
      I'm not fussed about the excess resources at the start. My preference is that the game shouldn't be won by the player who is best at maths and has worked out the most efficient way to build. I prefer that building is easier and that raiding and fighting and allying with other players should be far more important, so excess res is ok in my opinion.
      I don't like the victory points idea, much preferring the world wonder. The set up on this server, with maybe a few tweaks here and there, applied to a standard server I would like. If that server was also at a higher speed I'd be buzzing.
    • Also playing in Dynasty alliance

      Quicker start
      no Cauldron
      no WW
      no adventures/auctions
      Alliance bonus contributions
      I like VP game

      Troop merge (although not being able to do this with siege and chiefs is an improvement)

      Still too weighted towards heavy gold users and as was said before the quicker start does mean that golding up building at the very beginning will be a big advantage but that can be said of ordinary servers too.

      Shape of map while aesthetically pleasing on one level does mean that spawning location becomes more important with closeness of other villages and oasis not always evenly spread.

      Overall as a moderate gold user I'm liking the server but it is early days yet and I hope going forward the troop merge feature doesn't end up unbalancing the gameplay by giving a insurmountable advantage to heavy gold users as it did on previous Scattered Empire server, which ends up killing the server with mass deletions of players.
    • Some great points there along with very constructive feedback. I have passed your thoughts to HQ, while the little issues may not change for this server there is hope that some of the items can be resolved for the next server
      CM mhudson
      Community Manager
      Travian: Legends US/UK

    • What I really don't like about this server is it is still way too gold heavy. Travian is leaning more in the direction on 'Pay-to-win' with less and less skill involved. There are some good additions to the game but also some major setbacks.

      What I personally like about it:
      - More focused on alliance teamwork with features like alliance bonuses and region control.
      - No alchemists cauldron from last special server which made the game unplayable for non-gold users.
      - New hero is good as people can't have an early game hero hammer mad of only ointments and scrolls.
      - The boosted start make the early game more interesting (however I would not like to see it in T4.4)

      And now for what I think are major setbacks to the server:
      - Troop merging is a big NOPE. People with deeper pockets will get the bigger hammers. The non heavy gold user can make a hammer of reasonable size (using greats), but the heavy gold user can make huge hammers because they can build offense in 5/6 villages and pay gold to merge them into one huge hammer.
      - The daily tasks need to be changed because it is now impossible for non-gold users to get 100 points (I suggest taking out the "Gain or spend gold" task for this server).
      - The lack of WW and introduction of VP means that the server is more sim to win, the alliance who can get 10,000 population and keep 50% control in the most areas will win.
      - No artefacts or WW mean no huge operations, there isn't really many operations you can do this server as you will need to destroy hundreds of villages at once to decrease an alliances control on a region.
      - As the server goes on people will be spreading more and more out of the map to take regions for VP only making it a sim to win game.
      - I don't like defense forwarding as it means you can have one huge defensive stronghold per area and providing that player is online 24/7 they can give defense to anyone giving a huge disadvantage to attackers. Since you can also see attacks on your alliance they can watch out for attacks and shift an entire alliances defense there to kill offense.

      I'm not sure about this server yet, it's not like the last special server where I deleted within the first couple of weeks. I'll see how it goes but there are definitely a lot of improvements that can be made/
    • First of all, I see no difference in the advantages of heavy gold use here than there is on any other Trav server.

      This server, I think the concept is good, the map is great. I believe that the problem is opening too many areas at once. I believe it needed to 1 area at a time, that way the alliances would have to fight over them or not grow. We can already see everyone spreading out so far apart that once the starting areas have been fought over that will be it. No more battles as everyone will be too far apart for an offence to get anywhere near an enemy before they make the town look like a WW town defence. Since Travian is supposed to be a war game I think that sort of makes this server lose it's purpose.

      It is fun now and will be for another few weeks I expect. Then the gold kings will rule the middle of the map and everyone else will be in their own little corner simming. Not really the purpose of Trav IMO.

      PS. I would love to see a "last man standing" server where it runs for a set amount of days and the alliance with the most troops left wins with a scoring system based on troop value or something like that. Anyone who has never attacked or defended against anyone else is automatically excluede from the end game poits tally. :)

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    • I read this forum with interest and have to make a couple of points, Firstly Troop merge (Which I'm totally in favour of) can be achieved by resource spending, not just Gold, which nullifies the "heavy gold user" argument, Granted you would need to be highly organised to ship resources from other villages to which ever one was holding your Hammer, but I believe it's possible.

      Secondly Troop forwarding,The argument that anyone could kill a hammer with a mass shipment of defence troops is implausible, as Any careful organised offensive operated by an alliance should mean that a whole region could be lit up with red crosses.

      Thirdly, if you're looking to nullify an alliances control in a region(and a lot are held with minimum % clearance), then obviously multiple chiefings and catapulting would be the order of the day, and I believe you'll see both these in operation before the server is over.
    • Eurypedes wrote:

      Firstly Troop merge (Which I'm totally in favour of) can be achieved by resource spending, not just Gold, which nullifies the "heavy gold user" argument

      You say that but you can either spend 2x the resource per troop (making it the same as running a great barracks / stable, or you can spend a bit of gold. I'm sure its easier to make troops in 4 villages normal and then spending gold to merge them instead of making troop in 2 villages then spending the resources of merging 4 villages worth of troops. So for the same resource cost someone spending gold to merge will get twice the amount of troops than someone who spends resources to merge if both players make the same resource income
    • The "incorporate" feature is ridiculously expensive.. It needs to scale as time goes. The rate is understandable for the early game, but beyond the first few weeks it gets stupidly expensive. I was talking to a friend who is a heavy spender and part of why he refused to play RoA was actually this feature, it locks the big accounts into blowing through the gold or not being competitive... Basically with this feature, Travian has finally went full on pay to win. Yes gold spending has always helped greatly, but there's no over coming accounts that don't need a training artifact to train troops at 2x the speed. I also have problems with the feature from a game design perspective(even if it were free or the resource cost was reasonable). The developers originally made it so players can not build Great barracks/stable in the capital, this made sense because it raises the issue of having a hammer village that can potentially be chiefed or sacrificing the mid-late game troop production for security.

      On to the map, this is way to big even in the com servers, they need to rework the spawning system for this map and scale it better.


      The start, yes it gives a massive advantage to people willing to gold everything up but I'm still competing just fine in servers where I started on time. I hate Travian's early game, starting with 3 villages is just nice.

      Region control vs WW, this is a neat idea, although I feel it could have been executed better but most of that goes to the whole "the map is too big and needs to be reworked" point...

      Suggested changes:

      Give players a "complete" first village via the task manager. This might encourage new players and more importantly will give them a better idea of what they need, the game could go through a full tutorial about what these buildings do and why you need them. By complete I mean a player ques a building, and when done the task manager levels it up to the next level required to build/research something else. Also, instead of giving players 500 CP for completing a residence, have them throw a party in the town hall they complete in their first village. Maybe give them the resources upon the Town Halls completion and make the next task "throw a party."


      I build a level 2 main building, the task manager then completes it to level 3 instantly. This then allows the player to build the barracks and the next time the task manager ask them to upgrade the MB, it auto completes to level 5 when done and request they build a a residence and so on.

      I'm thinking the highest level required on the main building is level 15 but it has been a few years since I last played.

      Next, troop training. People need to learn they choose between offense and defense, not both.
      An example of this: Player is prompted between offense and defense, the task manager then tells them to research the troop x troop(for Romans Imperian if offense although I start EI's usually, Tuet spear if defensive). After research of that troop is done the task manager guides them to researching the next necessary troop for that tribe(EI for Romans, Paladin for Tuet defense).

      I know my reworked task manager thing is very vague but if I wrote it all out it would be a wall of text, basically the goal is to give a new player a guide on how to build their villages and what troops they need for each tribe. I see way too many lego "hammers" from new players, it seems like a good idea to them. Rather than handing players some hand written guide, the game should hold their hand and get them started.

      Last suggestion, adventures return with a new auction system that introduces decorative items(no actual advantage). I would suggest a system that lets these items carry on between servers with some of them having such a low spawn rate that you might play a year in a server with out anyone getting it from an adventure. If you guys really can't figure out a way to fix fraudulent actions( a problem that has been grossly exaggerated IMO) okay, then just make this a side feature with no gold/cash/resources involved so I can continue running the action house. At the very least it'll be a fun side show for players wanting to customize their heroes appearance.