market place glitch

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  • market place glitch

    my market place is glitching out..

    not sure if its because im being attacked, but all my offers are being canceled over and over again.

    might be reseting when I get attacked, but I woke up having not been attacked, and my offers are cancled..

    Merchants on their way: ‎***3‬‬/**5‬‬‬‎
    Own merchants moving:

    Trouble Return from New Village
    Arrival 0:08:25 hrs. at 10:07 am
    Resources 108 200 200 200
    Thematic006 Transport to 02- Baa
    Arrival 1:40:05 hrs. at 11:39 am
    Resources 0 1250 0 0

    The game is scamming me for a merchant.

    Any one else having problems?

    Its only this server for me.
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