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    • Information and Guides section

      I just went to the Guides section to look for a new basic start guide for some of my alliance who are on their first server and got sidetracked reading through all the old threads.

      So I just asked a very important question (for me) in the guide on same second waves about whether anyone has a new way to do this successfully now that Firefox has changed again. But when I came back to the main page, there is no way of knowing I have asked that question for anyone to reply unless you actually go in there. Would it be possible to change that so that if questions are raised in that section it appears on the main page so that people can see it and go to answer?

      Sorry if this has been asked and answered before.

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    • Im aware of the issue.

      Unfortunately the way that forum area was configured by my predecessors new posts wont show.

      We are currently planning to rework the area in the near future.

      Forums with new posts do show with a green unread post icon and new posts will show on the new post page (not when you made the new post of course)
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