Meme's Idiot Guide to Building a Gaul Account

    • Cretin_UK wrote:

      The alternative build here, to settle at the same time is day 6 complete your level 7 clay wood and crop fields, this will move your production to 490/490/350/800. Your hero should also be about level 3 by now (4 if you have picked up scale armour and got some extra xp from hitting weak oases for experience, and make sure you never lose him!) with a full 12 points on resources (which is a further 72 of each per hour - total 562/562/422/872(minus 230 for buildings).

      It will take 1 day to make level 7 fields, but will increase your resource production and CP, and this will mean your residence and settlers are made more quickly in the following 2 days.

      To save here, I would make the following cost-savings, as the level 7 fields will cost a little more:
      drop academy from 8-5
      drop main building from 8-6
      increase market from 3-7

      This will settle in about the same time, but you will have level 7 wood/clay rather than 6 and more markets to help build your new town :)

      Hello Cretin,

      I have question. Did you mean that instead of building all this progress from Day 5 village to Day 6 village, we should build all resources to level 7 and only then build Day 6 village progress ? Or don't build Day 6 village progress at all if we build all resources to level 7?