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    • Table wrote:

      So, what literally was the answer? I used kirilloid to get a winning answer. I played with the filters until I had the 10 hour Gaul travel time, and went from there.

      I'm not participating in this competition, but have done the quest too (it's fun) and thought I reply about what imo is vital for the only right answer.

      You put it very well Table; the winning answer and the right answer are two different things.

      To calculate the distance, you need the 10 hrs and 10 mins travel time the Gauls have. Coz when the prefect tells everyone the Gauls will be attacking in 10 hrs, the Gauls are already en route for 10 mins. This info is vital.

      To calculate the travel time for the Romans, you need to start calculating from the time the prefect talks, which leaves you 10 hrs. Then the Romans have 2 hrs and 30 mins preparation time. You have to add that to the actual travel time for the Romans.

      The 55 minutes that are now being awarded imply that the Romans need to hit that Gaul village within 10 hrs and 10 mins. This isn’t right; they need to hit it within 10 hrs. Bottom line: the Romans will hit the Gaul village 45 mins before the Gauls are supposed to hit the Roman village.


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      The above was regarding the travel time.

      About being able to destroy the Gaul village... The Romans are on their way with catapults... no rams. What if that Gaul hammer village has a lvl 20 wall (one might assume it will be there)...? Then it might well be that the Romans won't be able to destroy that Gaul village.

    • Another Andy wrote:

      not sure i like winners being picked random.... would of been better being the first 5 etc... but hay ho....
      but in general i like it.....

      Perhaps give a smaller prize to everyone who answered correctly and a jackpot to one randomly picked from those. Similarly there could have been prizes for all contestants with 7 correct answers and one random jackpot winner. More satisfactory for everyone taking part I think. It seems that only 3 people answered all 7 questions correctly so it was nice that a runners up prize was added.

      Overall it was fun and I, for one, look forward to the next event. I hope the organisers are more generous with the rewards; it is not as if participants are in the millions ;)
    • There is a limit to how much gold can be given on each domain each month which is why the prizes cant be given to all.

      If you give a reward just to the first 5 then there is no incentive for anyone else to take part.

      I have sent all the feedback to HQ to consider for future events
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    • CM mhudson wrote:

      If you give a reward just to the first 5 then there is no incentive for anyone else to take part.

      This is also good for players playing on different timezones and not online when the competition starts
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