The builders Day 3

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  • The builders Day 3

    The builders Day 3

    Finally, the last cart was counted and added to the account scroll. Lucius Tarquinius Lepidus dropped some melted wax onto the list and pressed it with his signature ring, verifying the numbers.
    "Ok, now give me your supporting documents," he told Mark Atilius. "I hope everything is in order here?"
    "You see..." Mark Atilius hesitated a bit and then replied, "we are short six carts of iron." "The carts axes broke all at once and we had to leave the cargo there."
    "Six carts?" asked Tarquinius Lepidus suspiciously.
    "Yes, six carts," confirmed his old friend. "And three carts of clay."
    "So, clay too?" snapped the architect.
    "Yes, clay too," the caravan driver confirmed. "And five carts of crop."
    The place fell silent. The chief imperial architect looked on the trade caravan with a mournful expression.
    "What did you do with the carts, Mark?" Tarquinius asked point-blank.
    "The rulers of neighboring regions took them," Mark Atilius confessed. "They demanded them as a fee for safe passage through their lands."
    Their conversation was interrupted again. A horn sound could be heard over the land.
    " It seems the prefect is calling for an urgent city council meeting." Tarquinius frowned. "I need to go."
    Soon the whole city council had gathered in the main hall of the residence, and the prefect immediately started his speech.
    "You all know we're close to the frontier. Ten minutes ago I received a dispatch from our scouts. The news they brought to me is very important and requires immediate action. One of our archenemies, the Gaul city, has sent an attack our way - a huge army accompanied by rams and catapults. First, we need to get our defenses ready. Second, the best defense is actually a counter-offense. I guess we might be able to destroy that village before their army arrives here. Taking into account their speed, the enemy will be here in ten hours. The architect, Gods bless him, already constructed the tournament square and it’s already a quarter upgraded too, so I hope we have a good chance that our catapults will arrive at this Gaul village faster than their army gets here. The centurions need thirty minutes to prepare the plan and we need another two hours for our army to gather together and launch an attack! Let's not waste any more time!

    Will the Roman catapults be able to destroy the Gaul village before the Gauls attack them? What will be the time difference? (Server: RoA, speed: x2. Keep in mind that the tournament square on RoA gameworlds has a stronger impact on speed than on regular servers).

    Post your answers in the thread below.

    Only your first answer will be counted so don't make more than one post.

    All posts are moderated so others cant see them, posts and answers will be revealed tomorrow
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  • so a TS level 5 in roa gives 200% velocity.

    Gauls are coming in with Trebuchet so their speed is 10. Roman are going to attack with fire catapults so their speed is 10 as well. with ts their speed will be 20. that means they can get to the gaulian village in half of the time they can reach roman villa (5 hours).

    (and this is for 1x, as the server i 2x multiply everyspeed in 2, doesn't make any differences)

    so romans need 2:30 (for preparations!) and 5 hours (to reach gaulian villa). thats 10 - 7:30 = 2:30 the time differnese

    they absolutely can destroy that villa before Gauls reaching them. they will reach there 2 hours and 30 minutes earlier than Gauls reaching the roman villa.

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  • The roman cats will destroy the village.
    The time difference is 50 minutes (00:50:00)
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  • Roman catapults would take 6 hours 40 minutes to reach Gaul village, adding on the 30 minutes needed to prepare the plan and 2 hours to gather the army gives a total time of 9 hours 10 minutes (so Roman catapults will be able to destroy the Gaul village before the Gauls attack with 50 minutes to spare)

    RoA x2
  • Just gonna have to rely on tools for this as no idea about RoA

    Romans arrive before, by 50mins
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  • 10 hours till impact
    2.5 hours of messing around

    the distance is 60 squares normal server time, because catapult travels 3 feilds per hour at standard time, and 6 on roa (2x).

    So, the tournament square increases from 110% at 1, to 150% at level 5, which is a quater built (max is 20.)

    Alright, so 1.5 * 6 = 9
    our catapults will now travel 9 feilds per hour, horay.

    The time for us to attack them is then, 60/9 = 6.666 hours
    Huh, Oh well, we didnt even have to use minuets to solve this problem, 10-2.5 = 7.5
    you will be able to send the attack with 0.83 (7.5-6.66) hours to spare 50 minuets roughly.

    in theory, roman catapult can launch, with 50 minuets spare, maybe the centurions need another 30 minuets to consider what to target because unless they will send 24 waves, they cannot destroy the city.

    They should probably target wheat feilds, and teh granary, along with mainbuilding and warehouse, and hope the thing canibalizes its self :D
    although destroying the village would be better.
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  • As the gaul attack takes 10 hours 10 mins the Gaul city must be 61 squares away. According to mhudson's helpful link, it takes roman catapults 6:45:00 to travel 61 squares with a level 5 TS. Then, adding on the 2h 30 mins until the launch, it gives a total of 9:15:00

    Therefore the roman army would hit the gaul village 45 mins before the gauls hit.
  • Task:
    Will the Roman catapults be able to destroy the Gaul village before the Gauls attack them? What will be the time difference? (Server: RoA, speed: x2. Keep in mind that the tournament square on RoA gameworlds has a stronger impact on speed than on regular servers).

    Gauls’ attack
    Here are 2 facts that important.
    1) The prefect told: Ten minutes ago I received a dispatch
    2) …the enemy will be here in ten hours
    So, in total the Gaul army will be on their way for 10 hours and 10 min.
    Catapults (without Tournament Square) travel with the speed 6 fields per hour. 10 hours + 10 min = Gaul city is 61 fields away from the Roman one.

    Romans’ attack:
    1) Tournament square in RoA has greater effect than on normal gameworlds.
    2) Speed x2,
    3) Tournament Square quarter upgraded = 5 lvl
    => Roman troops will be on their way for 6:45:00 + 2 hours + 30 min = 9:15:00
    So, yes, Romans are able to destroy Gaul city before the attack arrives.
    Time difference – 55 min (if we take into account everything)


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