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    • The Zombie wrote:

      It's Andy mate. Previous name was lost by these lot with all the access issues. (eppyrage)

      We are on uk2 now just finishing up. Good luck and hello Meme lol. Another one who couldn't quite stay away. Haha

      Thought it was, Zombie rang a bell but couldn't be sure :P Winning UK2?


      Thor and C²W you are being really boring not sharing your attack reports :sad:
    • I tell you what.. some of the insults that get thrown about on Travian nowadays... im disgusted!
      i mean who calls someone a 'smelly poo' in the first message you send to someone?
      no subject, no introduction, not even a courteous hello, Straight for the jugular; I am ingenuinely aggrieved!

      Has anyone else suffered at the hands of an opportunistic insulter?

      for the record although i am a bit whiffy today i am defiantly not a poo
    • I'm not on the server and, can someone can confirm me the day of artifact release ? next wednesday at 12:00 ?

      Because the server is closed to sign up, I'm looking for someone which will be okay to give me the natars profil IG a few minutes after artifacts release, a task which will need about ... 1 minute ;)

      So if anyone is okay, it will be super for my researches (which will be shared when they will be ended), contact me by pm ;)
      ts3 : coa I// ts5.EA : Vétérans // tx3(21) The End// tx3(22) The Grenade // ts2 The Makrix, Ðæmonius

      ǂ| azro |ǂ

      [N&C]Sandor Clegane - World Record Germain def / World Record tout peuple/toute orientation

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