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    • I tell you what.. some of the insults that get thrown about on Travian nowadays... im disgusted!
      i mean who calls someone a 'smelly poo' in the first message you send to someone?
      no subject, no introduction, not even a courteous hello, Straight for the jugular; I am ingenuinely aggrieved!

      Has anyone else suffered at the hands of an opportunistic insulter?

      for the record although i am a bit whiffy today i am defiantly not a poo
    • I'm not on the server and, can someone can confirm me the day of artifact release ? next wednesday at 12:00 ?

      Because the server is closed to sign up, I'm looking for someone which will be okay to give me the natars profil IG a few minutes after artifacts release, a task which will need about ... 1 minute ;)

      So if anyone is okay, it will be super for my researches (which will be shared when they will be ended), contact me by pm ;)
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