Maintenance 26-27 April

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    We've implemented the New Combat Simulator and combat reports on the PTR server.
    Check it out and provide your feedback here!

    • Maintenance 26-27 April

      Dear players!
      As some of you might notice, when you logged into the game, you got a warning from your browser that the connection is insecure.

      To fix this we need to enable SSL and as a first step we have to get a correct logging which is only supported within a newer firmware for our loadbalancers. When performing the operation there will be a downtime, which will last not more than 5 min during which all gameworlds will be unavailable.

      When it happens: April 26th and April 27th between 0900 and 1000 UK Time

      How long will it take: From 30 sec and up to 5 min on both dates.

      We’re sorry for inconvenience it might cause.

      Your Travian: Legends Team
      CM mhudson
      Community Manager
      Travian: Legends US/UK