Looking for experience dual or duals

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    • UK3 Roman Account looking for dual

      About the account:
      Gold Account!
      Top 100 Population
      Top 50 Attackers
      Decent Unit/Pop ratio
      Already 3 villages
      Top Alliance
      Great ress production
      Solo Account so far

      About me:
      used to play a few years back.(8-9) getting back into it but pretty experienced all in all.
      21 years old
      I work full time as a chef so lack the time needed to fulfill the accounts full potential.

      Online times: between 11-3 and 5:30-10:30 5 days a week min. or potentially a 3 person account with close to 24h coverage.
      Gold buyer prefered
      Communication tools (Skype/Whatsapp)
      Experienced player/roman player.

      If you are interested please contact me on skype @ Alex.Houlgate (the picture wearing a hoodie) to discuss matters further.

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