Early game defense

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    • Early game defense

      Decided to give a server a go, however I was unable to log in for a day or two after I registered so missed that time in setting up infra, etc.

      I see that a lvl 10 cranny is the equivalent of about 16 phalanx, and the phalanx train whilst I'm away, and therefore are less time instrusive. Is this a good strategy? Any hungry attackers may wish to avoid me if their losses killing my defense is more than the resources they gain.
    • 16 phalanx will be dead by the time you log back on. Those numbers be dwarfed in a matter of days, (Teutons will easily have a few 100 macemen running around), they will also make for easy hero exp in such low numbers.

      Attackers usually only bother you if there is benefit in it for them ( or you cost them, they take it personally :P ), resources hidden behind a multiple cranny's and no troops to pick off makes for a completely useless target and therefore left alone. As a newbie keep your cranny capacity above your warehouse capacity and keep troops away from home (or gold club autododge) and things should be easier for you.
    • Always prioritize your crannies in the beginning as crannies give you Culture Points. You can make 1 lvl 10 and then some others lvl 3 you'll get enough to protect your ressources for a while and you'll get CP for few ressources ;)

      Defensive troops are there to protect your ressources when your crannies can't hide everything. But always take care about teuton's bonus ;)