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    • So apparently D.Inc got destroyed today

      [a=CM Mhudson] Discussions of bans is not permitted [/a]

      Any comments on the server's development so far?

      Top 10 raiders are split quite evenly amongst the 4 quadrants, with 2 coming from South East, 2 from North West, 3 from South West and 3 from North East. Obviously Top10 raiders is heavily influenced by competition for the ress in the area.

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    • TBC/TBA look like the ones to beat :idea:

      D.Inc look to be regrouping.

      RBS look OK.

      TE have a lot of players already, although seemingly a mix of good and perhaps not so good.

      EFH quietly going about business.

      BBT have a weird plan of forcing everyone to settle their second village near a WW site... :roll:
    • See thats a tricky question. Lets say you have an account with 3 duals, they finish a server then go start a new server. But instead of playing on the same account, they decide to each create their own account, and all sit for each other. Then perhaps they decided that the best chance of having all three accounts in a strong position, is if they have a stronghold area, around a really good 15c.
      To do that, they need to secure the 15c. It's in the best interest of all three accounts, that one of the accounts secures the 15c they're aiming for. So, in their best interest, they decide to push one of the accounts ahead of the others, so that it would beat everyone else to the 15c and thus secure the stronghold area for all three the accounts.

      They send resources, they use their hero and cages to clear oases for the one account. The absolute emmediate benefit is only for the one account, but long term all three accounts benefit by having the one account go and secure the stronghold area.

      Then once the stronghold area is secured and they've all settled there, they may decided that the account with the 15c should have it's aim as being the best offense account (teuton). One of the other two accounts, decides it wants to be the best defense account (Gaul). The other account owner suddenly has something happen in real life that means he really isn't going to be able to commit as much time to the game anymore. His account would probably become a farm (Roman). So they decide the Roman account, rather than becoming a farm, should be protected by the gaul. To do that, the roman sends resources to the gaul for its future use of defense. The Roman would also want to chief villages in the future- like on a weekend when he has a bit more time. But he doesnt have the time to farm and build a hammer... so he also send resoruces to the tueton to help with the building of a hammer, that will later benefit him. Thus the Roman is pushing both the gaul and the teuton, for it's own benefit later on.
      Gaul account then builds lots of defense for the roman, but it also will want to chief villages later on, so the defense is for the roman as well as for the teuton- defend the teuton so the teuton can clear defense and help chief.
      The teuton is being pushed by the roman, and has defense from the gaul, it can purely focus on building up it's 15c and later on hammers because he has both defense and even has a constant flow of resources.

      And so you have it. An offense account being pushed with resources, and having a deffer, while having all accounts playing for their own benefit.

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    • I do love this.

      Just because a player is better than you doesn't mean they are cheating/bending the rules.

      I got accused of cheating before for sending 24waves at someone and landing 4 same second all the way. I've also been accused of botting because I was sending farm lists every 5minutes. Yet every time reported I've never been banned. Fancy that.

      £20 says It's A Cracker won't be banned either, because they're playing within the rules.

      Just because someone can play the game better than you, don't come crying to the forum about it.
    • That someone play the game better than me I dont mind at all :) It takes a lot of time and gold to build a top account, and many is willing to spend more time and gold than me, thats all fine. A lot sends better waves than me, I dont have the best internet or skills doing that, wish I were better but dont blame those that are better for my lacking. Micro farming is a strain, sending farmlist every 5 minutes I have tried, and its to much effort than Im willing to make, so those that do, kudos to them. This is not a complaint for someone being better than me Ryder. Im quite sure Its a Cracker wont be banned too, the 5 accounts around him might, but I dont think they will either. But Im still sure they are bending the rules. How do you explain the 5 accounts settling around Its a Cracker? What purpose do you think they have for settleing there? :)