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  • tintin -

    hello! :)

    • Rinobit -


    • tintin -

      How's it going?

    • Rinobit -

      So far so good

    • tintin -

      fine. thanks. :)

      in which server you are playing?

    • Rinobit -

      Final tournament

  • Dark Minion -

    Hey, How are you?

    Well i was looking to someone to play in his account. In the finals, My account was ruined by someone who spent all our gold and Killed all our clubs.Now is deleted

    About me

    -Playing since 2008
    -Experienced with all tribes
    -Play offensive (Huge hammers)
    -Time, +6 hours
    -Top raider
    -From argentina
    -Already playe finals

    Thanks, Good luck

  • mjolnir -

    Hello. Are you go to finals?

  • DO RE MI -

    ok ci riprovo con i danni, grazie

  • DO RE MI -