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  • Wolkenengel -

    Can I have a Beta key, please?

  • Klord -

    I was going to add "solved" title to it anyway ;)…ostID=7237107#post7237122

    Good moderating. Cheers!!!

  • EmilFraDK -

    Can I have a beta key?

  • talhaseferoglu -

    hello, could you give me beta key ?

  • Wolkenengel -


  • no_name -

    Can I get Beta key?

  • captainphil1402 -

    What time and where can I register for the Path to Pandora on COM servers. (I have a BETA key already :D)

    • playingwithfire -

      Pre-registration no longer exists. So you can register when you start when the server goes active. And if my math is right, the server starts at 8 am EST.

  • Wolkenengel -


  • rastogi2008 -

    You have so much dislikes on your wall. Its sad.

  • rastogi2008 -

    ​That one i want but not the key for guessing the game
    I can not post there for 230 seconds

  • dondurma gibiyim -


  • -Hyperion- -

    Hi ... :)

  • Wolkenengel -


  • J Browning -

    forum /J Browning.. playing com3 dueling on POLAR BEAR... my real IGM the teutonian waiting for com 1to start.. :)

    • playingwithfire -

      Your post was edited to include the information.

  • SPADES -

    thanks =)

  • ArabChuckNorris -


  • Scarecrow -

    I'ma boop your snoot. *Boop*