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  • Decision13 -

    Hi, i joined the forum just to thank you for all you do for this crazy game we play lol. I used your summary for FS3x server almost exclusively for every question everyone on my team asked. Thanks again for all your input.

    • ELE -

      Thank you :)

  • Str33tKaos -

    Thanks :)

  • Darth Malak -

    Thank you for the accept :) :DDDDD

    • ELE -

      welcome :)

  • iRonik -

    Thank you for the accept. :)

    • ELE -

      You are welcome ;)

  • Pelush -

    nice Chamilton James pics !!

  • tintin -

    Hi! :)

  • Dark Minion -

    Okey, bye good luck

  • Dark Minion -

    Hey, how are you? Are you playing the finals

    • ELE -

      No, I am not playing finals and don't plan to