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  • Hell's Lullaby -

    You spend way too much time bothering with trying to make things better.
    Travian is long due its expiration date and the results are shown vividly the more you roam around, both while playing the game itself and just by strolling in the forums.
    Our whole Israeli Travian Staff team got fired from their job and now everyone are forced not only to avoid using their own language and divert to English, they are even using the fact we don't have any real staff/support to ignore all problems with our domain.
    Shameful behavior, but from what I've seen it's in vain to even try.

    • Blaze -

      well its not bad to keep hope. they might just fix a few things if a decent amount of people start talking about it.
      and yes i agree at this rate, there is an expiration date.

    • Hell's Lullaby -

      That's kinda the problem with my domain, in the past when something was wrong and it impacted everyone we worked together to make it sound and clear we demand some sort of compensation or at least an apology.
      With time passing the population of this game narrowed drastically, for a domain as small as Israel to make them budge we need about 95% of the players to join in, obviously that's not going to happen for obvious reasons not worth mentioning, so yeah - we're pretty much toys for TG right now.
      Your attitude's good though, keep it up.