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  • BatmanLF -

    Good evening, I can no longer log into the server. How can I get information on the problem?

    • Cali -

      Hi, you would need to look at the .com forum for any updates on that particular server, sorry can't be of more help as only deal with uk/us forum and not game issues.

  • Aarmin -

    Hello dear friend
    Please provide information about these servers and their features
    Are these servers perfectly normal?
    Or are they somewhat different from normal?
    Please explain if possible
    Thanks sincerely

    • Cali -

      Hi Aarmin, unfortunately I am a Mod for the UK/US and do not have any responsibilty for servers, I only deal with the forum. You would need to contact the CR for the domain you are playing in with any game queries.

    • Aarmin -

      thanks dear